DIY: Baby Headbands, Free Tutorial!

Oh yes. I have a baby girl! I have no shame in dressing her up in all of the vintage dresses I can get my hands on; cute sleepers, diapers and accesories. No problem. Ruffles! Gingham! Soft fabrics! Basically all the cute, pretty and funky I can get my hands on. Also? I shall glory in letting her inch-worm, crawl, run around nekked, or near nekked, or in her bro’s hand-me-down’s. I might just slap on a pom-pom headband. Maybe, she’ll not like them as she gets older – I’l let her choose her accessories (if any). The point is – right now, for a short while, I can have my fun.

And she like’s it. Seriously. We had a little photo shoot this morning to greet the sun and she was very alert, quiet as a mouse and quite honestly, content for the entire time. Coincidence? I think not! We have a little fashionista on our hands, (as well als other much more important, brilliant things we know she’ll be).

Which brings me to sharing just how I made the adorable headbands like the one up there, and the ones at the end of the slideshow. I know you mama’s covet these cute suckers, I see them all over Etsy, in the shops and on just about every baby girl head I see. Follow me after the jump for a quick and simple DIY tutorial – this is an easy peasy project for even the most craft challenged.

  • What You’ll Need: 1 of 9
    What You'll Need:
    Regular scissors (and crimpers, if you want to do some fancy cuts). Various buttons. Any old buttons will do, and be cute once paired with bows, or felt flowers, or feathers. The possibilities are only limited to that of your imagination. Elastic cords, various thick and/or thin, if you want to make a bunch together like I did. Again, the choice is yours. Assorted scrap bits of lace and fabric. Elasticized lace trim, bias tape - whatever you fancy. The key is that it is stretchy. Matching threads, sewing needles and straight pins.
  • Getting Started: 2 of 9
    Getting Started:
    Measure your wee moppet's noggin. Select and arrange your creations, pairing materials together for each headband. Cut your elastic cords/bias tape to your measured length. Cut your lace to the same. Pin your lace to the wide elastic, ready to sew.
  • Halfway There! 3 of 9
    Halfway There!
    Tie little, (or big) bows. Bows tie nicely right onto thin elastic round cord, no hand-stitching needed. I opted for 2 bow headbands, one lace, one pink and white gingham check (cut with the crimpers). When adding a bow to a wider elastic, it will sit nice and flat (comfort for your little one), if tied first, then secured with a few stictches. Sew some feathers through a button (I chose a big round wooden one and feathers in complimentary colours to the ruffled gingham bias tape as shown) onto your cord, or lace (or bias tape as I did). Machine sew (faster) your lace onto your wide elastic - both edges.
  • Felted Flowers 4 of 9
    Felted Flowers
    This one's a little more detailed, but still super easy! Free hand bunch of simple petals out of felt. I also chose to crimp cut some long little triangles to place in the middle of each petal for extra detail. As you can see I cut 8 of each, but only ended up using 6. Free-styles. Arrange your pieces into a flower with your button middle and begin to hand-stitch them together at the base, making a small loop to pull and gather them all tightly together, also creating a slight fold in each petal. Your petal is now ready to sew onto your cord (or laced cord as I did), sewing from underneath the cord through your flower, through your button, repeating a few times to make it good and secure. Placement is your choice, I tend to think bows and flowers look cute off to the side rather than right in the middle on top of the head.
  • Finito! 5 of 9
    Hand sew your edges together, finishing off your headbands! Get ready for even even more cute than your tiny girl already has. If that's possible. The next few looks had us adults (questionable) smiling this morning after a particularly rough night of both little ones rousing numerous times.
  • Feather & Wooden Button Fascinator 6 of 9
    Feather & Wooden Button Fascinator
  • Ladybug & Felted Flower Headband on Lace 7 of 9
    Ladybug & Felted Flower Headband on Lace
  • Lace Bow/Headband 8 of 9
    Lace Bow/Headband
  • Gingham Check Bow Headband 9 of 9
    Gingham Check Bow Headband

So…what do you think? Easy enough?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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