10 DIY Beauty Treatments For A Spa Day In Your Kitchen

What do beer and beauty have in common? Read on to find out!

I’ve only been a mom for about five months and I’ve already figured out that when you’re a mom, you don’t have much time for yourself.  What I wouldn’t give for an entire day of pampering and peace and quiet all to myself!  A day at the spa would be lovely, but alas it’s just not in the cards – budget or time wise.

But, while you may not be able to get out of the house for that much needed relaxation, you just might be able to sneak a quiet moment to yourself to create your own version of the spa right in your own home.  Granted, there’s always the chance that your baby could wake up needing you in the middle of your “spa treatment”, but it’s worth a try!

Here are 10 DIY beauty treatments that you can whip up from items you probably already have at home!

  • Chocolate Lip Scrub from Little Green Tumblr 1 of 10
    Chocolate Lip Scrub from Little Green Tumblr
    Chocolate anything is great in my book and a chocolate lip scrub sounds absolutely divine!
    Recipe via Little Green Tumblr
  • DIY Hair Mask 2 of 10
    DIY Hair Mask
    Olive oil, eggs and mayonnaise might sound like an odd combination, but mixed together they create a wonderful mask for extra dry locks that are in need of a bit of love.
    Recipe via Beautylish
  • Sugar Body Scrub 3 of 10
    Sugar Body Scrub
    Sugary vanilla goodness in body scrub form. Yum! I can't decide whether I'd want to use it or eat it!
    Recipe via Freutcake
  • Natural Facial Toner 4 of 10
    Natural Facial Toner
    If all I need to get clear and glowing skin is apple cider vinegar and baking soda, then sign me up! This toner is just about as simple as it gets, but the results are great!
    Recipe via Eat Sleep Cuddle
  • Lemon Salt Scrub 5 of 10
    Lemon Salt Scrub
    This scrub uses lemon, olive oil and salt to slough away dull skin - perfect for the upcoming warm weather when you're skin is coming out of hibernation.
    Recipe via The Beauty Department
  • Homemade Makeup Remover 6 of 10
    Homemade Makeup Remover
    Makeup remover can be a bit expensive for the good stuff, but for the price of yogurt, lime and a bit of honey you can make your own!
    Recipe via The Viva Woman
  • Bye Bye Blackhead Scrub 7 of 10
    Bye Bye Blackhead Scrub
    Ugh! Blackheads are the very bain of my existence. But, these very simple ingredients (sugar, baking soda and water) are said to combat these obnoxious blemishes. Definitely worth a try!
    Recipe via The Wife Life
  • Dry Scalp Remedy 8 of 10
    Dry Scalp Remedy
    I don't know about you, but my postpartum hair and scalp have been ridiculously dry and I definitely plan on giving this remedy a try.
    Recipe via The Beauty Department
  • Beer Hair Rinse 9 of 10
    Beer Hair Rinse
    Combining beer with apple cider vinegar is a sure recipe for moisturized hair. And, if it's volume you're after? Just a simple rinse with just beer is the key to getting it!
    Recipe via Beauty With Brains
  • Carrot Face Mask 10 of 10
    Carrot Face Mask
    Carrots are known to have anti-aging properties, and when mixed with honey, olive oil and lemon juice they make up a concoction that will make your skin radiant.
    Recipe via Beautylish


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