Do Babies Really Need a Keurig?

Baby Nes by Nestle

Just when I thought I have seen it all, the world of baby products surprises me with yet another completely unnecessary product. But this time it is one so fancy it is almost guaranteed to undermine the breastfeeding relationship before it even starts!

Of course it was introduced back in May, but I just came across the Baby Nes myself while I was looking for ways to help boost my own breast milk supply.

Now this isn’t a post about why mothers should or shouldn’t breastfeed or formula feed. It has nothing to do with the age old mom war. It is really more about… how far is too far?
And do products like the Baby Nes sabotage breastfeeding relationships before they even start?

I mean, of course there are going to be new mothers out there who think they need all the latest and greatest baby gadgets when they are pregnant. That was me when I was pregnant with my oldest son. I think we all go through it a little bit when we are pregnant with our first child. We think that the products make parenting easier, right?

But what about the mother who thinks this is so much better and easier than breastfeeding? I mean clearly this shiny machine that measures the perfect bottle, like your Keurig measures the perfect cup of coffee must have every vitamin your baby is going to need to thrive. False advertisement in a way.

That right there is me being politically correct and saying it all with a smile. Yes, I formula fed my second son — because I had to. It gave me a more middle-of-the-road view on formula. But the breastfeeding mother, and mother in general, inside me, is enraged that something like this was even a thought at all, by any company.

Is Nestle really hurting for money?  I mean, they are one of the largest formula manufacturers in the country, and the world. They are making gazillions of dollars yearly from their formula. So was this really necessary?

Of course I am not going to buy it … and honestly … The fact that it exists at all completely boggles my mind altogether.

Seriously … a Keurig for babies?

Invention FAIL!

Moms!  Steer clear!

photo: Nestle

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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