Do Grandma and Grandpa Need to Take a Class Before Watching the Baby?

How knowledgeable are your baby's grandparents about the latest in child safety?

Chances are you’ve joked about it with your parents: How your mom smoked and drank while she was pregnant with you. How you rolled around in the back seat of the car in lieu of being strapped into a car seat. How no kids in the neighborhood wore helmets when riding bikes.

But do you ever really worry that your baby’s grandparents aren’t as well-equipped as well as you’d like them to be to step in and take care of the baby while you go out for the night or away for the weekend?

Would you ever ask your parents to take a grandparenting class before watching your baby?

According to NBC News, many hospitals offer grandparenting classes that talk about childbirth as well as standards on infant care, which, of course, have changed since we were the babies.

There have been significant and critical changes in parenting over the past 30 years, including not putting babies face down in cribs and not allowing blankets or pillows in order to help avoid SIDS. Babies under two years of age now need to be rear-facing in the car seats. Baby bottles don’t need to be sterilized and bellybuttons don’t need to be sterilized with alcohol.

Of course we survived it all. But knowing what we know now, can we leave our babies in good conscience with people who might not be up-to-date on all of the most important and new safety guidelines?

Accidents and incidents can happen, but many can be prevented with some updated information.

Are your baby’s grandparents aware of everything that has changed since you were a baby? Would you feel comfortable asking them to freshen up their caregiver skills in a class?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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