Do Some Babies Take Binkies Easily?

Photographic evidence that she took a binky once ... at the hospital during her newborn hearing test.

With my first, I tried about twelve different pacifiers from birth to three months old before I decided he just wasn’t going to take a binky — no matter how many times, different ways or different kinds I tried.

We bounced while holding in one binky, we snuggled while holding in another binky, we danced while holding in yet another. At the end of the day (or several months), I decided he just wasn’t into the binky.

Is there a chance baby number two might go for it?

At the hospital after delivery, when Baby Girl was sent back from the nursery with a binky in her mouth, I was a little disappointed. I wasn’t sure I wanted her to take one. I didn’t want it to mess up her ability to nurse, either.

But then I reconsidered, thinking it might be a helpful way to a) soothe her, and b) teach her to eventually take a bottle — something I’m also working on.

Since coming home from the hospital, I’ve tried and tried to get her to take one. (And I’ve tried a handful of varieties, left over from her brother’s day). But like him, she’s just not having it.

At this point, I’m not sure I’m looking for advice on getting her to take a binky. But I’m wondering, out of curiosity, are some babies hooked from day one — especially breastfed babies? Or is it something everyone has to work at a little, until they’re hooked?

On the bright side, at least I don’t have to break the binky habit. Now I’ll just hope for no alternative thumb-sucking. Because those are things you can’t just take away.


Anti-Pacifier to Pro-Binky: How I made peace with the paci

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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