Do These Peculiar Evian Ads Featuring Adults in Shirts with Headless Babies Make You Thirsty? (PHOTOS)

Evian "Live Young"
Does this make you thirsty?

My husband often remarked when both of our daughters were tiny babies who lived in little else but onesies that he wished they were available in adult sizes.

“They’re like the perfect article of clothing,” he always said.

I’m not sure if it’s because the girls looked so cozy in onesies or, as far as clothes go, they’re just so convenient, kind of like the wardrobe equivalent of a TV dinner — an entire outfit all in one.

Evian seems to have kind of seized on the idea of adults in onesies as part of a campaign to get people to drink the designer water in an effort to “live young.”

While the ads are certainly interesting — they feature adults wearing shirts that have baby bodies starting at the neck on down, not in onesies, per se, but kind of the same idea, I think — I’m not 100 percent sure that the sight of infantalized adults makes me thirsty or want to “live young” or in a onesie (or in a shirt that has a headless baby on it, for that matter).

Do these ads move you, and if so, how? Take a look:

  • Geek-chic babies 1 of 15
    Geek-chic babies
    Determined? Yes.
    Thirsty? Meh.
  • Male hipster baby 2 of 15
    Male hipster baby
    Itching to go to a locally owned coffee shop? Yes.
    Thirsty? Maybe for a microbrew.
  • Female hipster baby 3 of 15
    Female hipster baby
    On standby as Drew Barrymore's stunt double? Yes?
    Thirsty? For an energy drink.
  • Alt-hipster baby 4 of 15
    Alt-hipster baby
    In need of a haircut? Yes.
    Thirsty? After all of it gets chopped, yes.
  • Three Musketeer babies 5 of 15
    Three Musketeer babies
    In on the joke? Yes.
    Thirsty? Not especially.
  • Kind of creepy baby 6 of 15
    Kind of creepy baby
    Just released from prison? Quite possibly.
    Thirsty? OK, whatever you say.
  • Model baby 7 of 15
    Model baby
    Gorgeous? Yes.
    Thirsty? If it'll make me look like her, sure.
  • Flighty baby 8 of 15
    Flighty baby
    Head full of air? Yes.
    Thirsty? No, why do you ask?
  • Biker babies 9 of 15
    Biker babies
    Adorable? Yes.
    Thirsty? Not really.
  • Business casual baby 10 of 15
    Business casual baby
    Bitch in the boardroom? Yes.
    Thirsty? Yes, ma'am.
  • Just barely not a baby 11 of 15
    Just barely not a baby
    Should be wearing a helmet? Yes.
    Thirsty? Yes, but for a sports drink.
  • Teeny bopper babies 12 of 15
    Teeny bopper babies
    Too cool for school? Yes.
    Thirsty? What's it to you?
  • Baller baby 13 of 15
    Baller baby
    Handsome? Hella yes.
    Thirsty? Yes!
  • Dancer baby 14 of 15
    Dancer baby
    Strong? Yes.
    Thirsty? Of course.
  • Brooklyn babies 15 of 15
    Brooklyn babies
    Too hip for school? Yes.
    Thirsty? Only if it's locally produced, slow-grown water.

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