Do You Have a Silly Pet Name for Your Baby?

My little Georgia peachy-peach

Like a lot of parents, I chose my five kids’ actual names keeping nicknames in mind. In other words, I either chose a name that seemed very unlikely to morph into a nickname (example: we christened my oldest daughter “Jane”), or I chose a name knowing that I like the nickname that was likely to be used (example: I knew that people were likely to sometimes refer to my son named “Henry” as “Hank,” but that was totally cool with me, because I love the nickname Hank).


But the part of the whole nickname thing that no parent can ever reliably predict when naming a newborn is what kind of silly pet nickname will emerge along with the baby’s personality. In the case of Baby G, her given name is “Georgia,” so the whole “Georgia peach” thing was bound to happen. We started calling her our “little Georgia peach” within the first day or two after her birth, and now that she’s 11 months old, that’s evolved into “Peachy Peach.” We call her “Miss Peachy Peach” and “Peachy Peachster” and “Peachy McPeacherson.”

Silly, I know. But cute, just like she’s cute.

My daughter Jane became “Janieboodles” at some point during infancy, and now everyone in our family uses that as our pet name for her. My 3 year old, Charlotte is “Charley-bug,” while my 13 year old son, Elliot and his same age first cousin Eleanor are known in our family as “The El Twins.”  My 8 year old nephew McLean is “Mac Attack” and (bizarrely enough) “McTickitters.”

So do you have a silly pet name that you use in your family for your baby, or for your other children? What is it, and how did it evolve? Did you expect to avoid using any silly names with your kids, but find yourself doing it anyway? Tell me in the comments below.




Article Posted 5 years Ago

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