Do You Have Name Regret?

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My husband and I always thought… if we ever had a daughter, her name would be Liberty. It was a name we both loved from the get go, and looking at Addison now… I still think she totally looks like a Liberty.

But I started thinking about it the other day… I wonder how many parents have name regret after they name their little ones, and everything is said and done.

After finding out in December we were having a little girl, which I think I am still in shock from because I fully expected a third boy, and his name would have been Jameson… we scrapped the name Liberty, because I didn’t want her to be nick named Libby, and my husband wasn’t too keen on the name much anymore.

We originally picked the name Caroline after the fact, but it got scrapped about 3 weeks later. And Addison wasn’t introduced until late in my pregnancy. Between all the extra ultrasounds, and amnios… I don’t fully remember when. Maybe February?

But this past week, I looked at her, and I thought to myself… Is she really an Addison?  Does Addie really fit her look, and her personality?  Either way it is really too late to do anything about it without having to legally change her name and a ton of paperwork that honestly, I just don’t have time for in my life…

So I needed to see how many, if there were any… parents out there who feel the same way after the fact about the names they picked for their children?

I never experienced it with the names I picked for my sons. They just fit!  Camden is definitely a Camden, and Benjamin fits the name perfectly… whatever a Camden and Benjamin are supposed to look like that is…

Did you regret what you named your little one?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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