Do You Love Your Postpartum Body?

Yesterday marked 11 days postpartum for me since having my daughter. I decided to weigh myself, and finally take a look in the mirror at my belly.  With all three of my c-sections I have had no desire to look at my belly, or check on my scar during recovery. I have always asked my husband to keep an eye on it daily.

I am not sure if I am creeped out by the whole incision thing, or if I mentally just didn’t want to see it, but I did it today and also documented what I look like after baby number three. (See photo)

But it got me thinking, especially after reading the amazing post by The Feminist Breeder about her postpartum body last week.  It made me wonder how many women out there love their post baby bodies, and how many are in a rush to get back into shape like I am.

I topped out at 161 pounds at the end of this pregnancy, and have already successfully made it to my pre-pregnancy weight of 140 pounds, but ideally I would like to get back to 110 pounds… where I was before having any children.

I don’t hate my postpartum body… I actually am very comfortable with what I look like just having a baby a little over a week ago. But I certainly am ready to start getting back into shape, especially since the summer is upon us, and I know all the effort I put into weight loss and getting back to pre-baby weight isn’t going to be interrupted by another surprise pregnancy.

I have been given advice on a ton of different programs including Weight Watchers which includes extra points for breastfeeding mothers, and things of that nature… but what did everyone else do to help get their pre-pregnancy body back?

Are you comfortable with what you look like after having children?

Sleep Does the Postpartum Body Good: New research on the costs of exhaustion

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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