Do You Make Your Own Baby Food?

Do you buy baby food?

Now that Cullen is eating solids, I’m reading and trying to learn as much as I can about what I should be feeding him.  Pretty much everything I read tells me I should be blending, mashing, and pureeing my own baby food into little freezable containers.  The books and websites make it seem so simple.

These days, I think it’s really easy to question if, as parents, we are doing all the “right” things for our babies.  It’s easy to look around and feel like everyone else is supermom.  I stay at home with Cullen.  I take him to story times.  We play in the park.  I do the cloth diapering.  I really feel like I’m doing the best that I can do.

And while I do plan to make him some homemade baby food and have fun with some baby-led weaning, is it so bad that I’m also considering buying a few jars of the premade stuff just to make life a little bit easier?

I definitely do my best, but I am by no means supermom.  I’m just one more thirty-something trying to figure out this whole motherhood thing day by day.  All the books and websites telling me that everything must be made from scratch stress me out and make me feel inadequate.  Don’t even get me started on Pinterest.  I’m convinced it was created just to stress moms out and make them feel like they haven’t planned a good enough first birthday party.

While I plan to hopefully make the majority of Cullen’s food myself, I don’t think there is any shame in occasionally admitting that I’ve had a long day, and I can’t do it all.  And when those nights strike, I’ll be glad I have a few jars of baby food in the pantry.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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