Do You Transfer Your Baby When He Falls Asleep In The Car?

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Fuzz asleep in car

Here I am again. Hanging out in the car while Fuzz naps. Most of the time, he magically opens his eyes as soon as the engine shuts off, but every now and then, he stays asleep. If I try to transfer him, it’s fifty/ fifty whether he wakes up or stays asleep for longer in his new location. If it’s the crib, he NEVER stays asleep. If it’s the stroller, we have a better chance.

Anyway, on this occasion, we were in the parking lot of the Plattsburgh, NY boat basin. My husband and Shnook were inside The Naked Turtle on the back deck having drinks and nachos with an old friend, and I sorely wanted to be there too. It was a beautiful day, sunny and breezy, but still warm. The lake was lovely.

The parking lot was not.

I wanted to be inside The Naked Turtle!!

If I move him to the stroller, I can’t really use the boob to top him off, that might be a little tricky in the parking lot. I just got a vision of me straddling the stroller in a push-up position with a boob dangling over Fuzz’s mouth. Not the prettiest memory for the vacationers on Lake Champlain.

So did I risk the transfer? It had been a rough day for naps and Fuzz, and he had a terrible morning nap so this was his only shot at any quality sleep today…

I did risk it, and this time, I was sort of successful. I put Fuzz in the stroller and reclined it, and he went right back to sleep. He did wake up probably less than 30 minutes later, but he may have in the parking lot as well. It wasn’t a champion nap, but it was a nap nonetheless.

And I got to eat low quality nachos and drink a Magic Hat beer.

Would you have risked the transfer, or stayed in the car? Was there a better solution to this problem?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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