Do You Use Sign Language With Your Baby?

baby sign eat
The sign for 'eat'

I’ve read that sign language for babies is a great way to communicate with them before they can actually talk. I’ve seen other babies make signs and was definitely awestruck by how well it seems to work.

Even still, I have to admit, my motivation level was pretty low for learning any (more) new skills with my first baby. I didn’t do much sign with him, and then when he started talking at 9 months, I kind of dropped the ball, since I could understand most of what he said anyway.

This time around, I started signing with Fuzz almost instinctively, but we’ve only focused on the following four thus far:

“More,” “Milk,” “Eat,” and “All Done.”

Today (I think) we had our first success! (I think!) Click after the jump to hear about Fuzz’s sign language breakthrough!

When I asked Fuzz if he wanted to eat (without signing) he put his hand to his mouth and said ‘Dah.’ (This is one of the ways he says ‘yes.’ It comes out as ‘Gah’ sometimes, too.)

Then he let me put him in the high chair, which is often a struggle if it’s time to eat rather than when I know he wants to eat. And eat he did.

I’m very encouraged by this potential success and it makes me want to start a few new ones this week. I’m thinking definitely “sleep” and “diaper change?”

Have you used sign language with your baby? Which signs have you done? When did your baby first sign?

Sign Language: Babies who gesture learn language faster

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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