Don’t Squish the Baby! 10 Adorable Sibling Hugs

When Saucer Eyes first glimpsed Scrunchy Face, the younger one was lying in a rolling hospital bassinet — the kind surrounded with short, plexiglass walls.

Good thing for the plexiglass, because the toddler’s immediate reaction upon meeting Scrunchy Face was, “I want to open it!”

And so began a months-long struggle to ensure that my very playful first child didn’t tear into my just-born second child with the ferocity of a kid ripping into the last, wrapped Christmas present on earth.

Saucer Eyes, thank goodness, never showed any jealousy of or hostility toward Scrunchy Face, but I still wasn’t about to let my rambunctious toddler — known for sometimes sitting on his friends just for kicks — anywhere near his newborn brother.

I wasn’t just worried about accidental smushings. I was also, of course, concerned that while sharing his love, Saucer Eyes would share the various and sundry germs he picks up at preschool, the playground and whatever dusty corners he goes venturing into when mommy’s head is turned. He’s a friendly kid — if germs could talk, I’m sure Saucer Eyes would be running up to me in no time, proclaiming, “Mommy, meet my new best friend, Ebola!”

Moms like Hollow Tree Ventures blogger Robyn Welling share my fears. Welling, a contributor to the hilarious motherhood anthology, “I Just Want to Pee Alone,” said this of her experience photographing her older children with their baby sibling: “You can bet I’mĀ hoveringĀ just out of frame, ready to swoop in if I think one of them might sneeze/cough/hiccup/breathe.”

In a post last month, Babble’s Heather Turgeon gave some excellent advice on newborn-sibling interaction, suggesting that older siblings touch the baby’s feet as much as they want instead of the hands and face.

We followed similar advice in the beginning. But in the last month or so, with Scrunchy Face growing older and bigger, I’ve finally loosened up. At a recently family gathering, when Saucer Eyes ever so gingerly put his hand on his little brother’s back, I didn’t shoo him away. I — gulp — let them hug.

And it was glorious.

Check out ScrunchyFace and Saucer Eyes plus nine other examples of sibling love below.

  • 10 Adorable Sibling Hugs 1 of 11
    10 Adorable Sibling Hugs
    There's enough sibling love here to make any mom or dad melt.
  • Scrunchy Face and Saucer Eyes 2 of 11
    Scrunchy Face and Saucer Eyes
    They're together but not hurting each other -- success!
  • Snuggling on a Play Mat 3 of 11
    Snuggling on a Play Mat
    Photo courtesy Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts
  • Looking Up to Big Brother 4 of 11
    Looking Up to Big Brother
    Photo courtesy Neha Gogate-Gorfinkel
  • Watch Those Fingers, Baby! 5 of 11
    Watch Those Fingers, Baby!
    Photo courtesy Melanie O'Connor of Moments by Melanie
  • A Kiss From Big Sister 6 of 11
    A Kiss From Big Sister
    Photo courtesy Jazmin Flores-Galan of
  • More Sisterly Love 7 of 11
    More Sisterly Love
    Photo courtesy Lauren Jimeson of A Mommy in the City
  • A Hug for You, Matey! 8 of 11
    A Hug for You, Matey!
    Photo courtesy Toulouse of Toulouse and Tonic , a contributor to "I Just Want to Pee Alone"
  • Laundry Basket Love 9 of 11
    Laundry Basket Love
    An anonymous mom provided this photo -- the cuteness speaks for itself!
  • All Eyes on Baby 10 of 11
    All Eyes on Baby
    Photo courtesy Robyn Welling of Hollow Tree Ventures , a contributor to "I Just Want to Pee Alone"
  • All Smiles 11 of 11
    All Smiles
    Photo courtesy Amy Bozza of My Real Life , a contributor to "I Just Want to Pee Alone"


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