Don’t Waste Your Money On Excessive Amounts of Baby Toys

Oh for the love of toys. Actually, I hate them. Even though the majority of toys are just purchased at Christmas or on birthdays, when you have 4 kids all various ages, you end up with a ton of toys.

Recently we decided we were putting the house on the market. When writing up the list of things we would need to do in order to successfully be able to show the house (with 4 monkeys running around), a top priority was cleaning out all of our junk.

After renting a Pod storage unit and multiple trips to make donations and to the dump, I can now say my kids are spoiled and I hate it. One of the main things that we found ourselves throwing out or packing were baby toys. Whether they be squeaky little stuffed animals or rubbery chew toys, it’s amazing how these things accumulate.

Now that all is donated, thrown or packed away – our baby has a handful of toys (maybe 5). Guess what? He doesn’t play with them, he’d rather play with the older kids WII remotes or their books and have nothing to do with his toys.

I wish so much I could talk family into putting a small amount of money into a future fund for our children rather than spending it on excess such as baby toys. After asking and asking, it’s just now happening.

All that said, don’t waste your money on excessive amount of baby toys!

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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