Don’t You Dare Ring That Bell

Like many new moms, afternoon nap time has become my saving grace in the middle of the day. We play, we eat lunch, and then the baby naps from 1pm – 3pm. The big kids go to their bedrooms for quiet time, the little boys sleep, and I go to work in the office.

I work from home part time, and that precious 2 hour span of time in the afternoon has become the only time I can find an hour or two to sneak in some work. Sleep when the baby sleeps? Whatever! More like work when the baby sleeps.

If the work doesn’t get done between 1pm-3pm, it will have to wait until after the kids go to bed at night. And I hate working at night.

Because of the work I do, (and let’s face it, maybe the stuff I order from Zulily and Mini Social is a contributing factor), I get loads of deliveries.

While I typically don’t mind deliveries throughout the day, I absolutely cannot have them ringing the doorbell during nap time, which lately has been happening often. Baby Paul’s bedroom is right above the front door, and if the doorbell rings, I can kiss nap time goodbye. He will be woken up and crying no sooner than the time it takes the delivery truck to make it to the end of my city block.

So what’s a work at home momma to do? Well, I’ve decided to be that person. I’ve put up a sign, requesting that nobody rings my doorbell.

And if they don’t comply? They will have to take care of the tired and crabby baby for me while I meet my deadline.

Would you ever put up a sign like I have?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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