Dressing Your Baby in a Watermelon is a Thing

If you’re wondering what to do with some of that leftover watermelon rind that you’ve been eating all summer, parents in China have the answer for you.

The newest summer trend in Wenzhou city is to dress your baby up in a watermelon. Photos of a baby wearing watermelon overalls showed up online and soon became a trend as other parents started to mimic the watermelon outfits. Parents are getting creative with the trend and making hula skirts, bikinis, and more!

And these outfits aren’t just for dress-up. Parents are actually taking their children out on the streets of China in the watermelon gear. Most of the reactions by others are positive, and many people are saying that the watermelon outfits actually keep the babies cool and that they are “eco-friendly.”

I’ve been eating watermelon all summer long, and I must say that after seeing these outfits, I kind of want to buy another watermelon just to see what creative outfit I can come up with for Avery. I can tell you now that she probably won’t be too thrilled with the get-up (watermelons are heavy and sticky), but it would make for a great photo-op.

Check out more of these watermelon outfits!

  • He’s Not So Sure About it 1 of 6

    He might not be so sure about his new outfit, but I think it will grow on him. 

  • Do You Like My Hat? 2 of 6

    I'm impressed he's keeping the hat on his head. Avery wouldn't keep it on even for a second. 

  • He’s Not The Only Fruit in The Bunch 3 of 6

    Looks like he's got some company. 

  • Out And About 4 of 6

    I love that he even has watermelon accessories on his ankles. I'd definitely ask to stop and take a photo if I saw a little kid walking around in this! Very clever.

  • The Back 5 of 6

    I am very impressed with how his parents put this together. I would have never thought to use a watermelon for an outfit. 

  • Ninja Watermelon 6 of 6

    Yet another creative way to outfit your little one in a watermelon. 

What do you think? Are watermelon outfits a yes or a no?


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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