First Drink After Pregnancy

While pregnant, I avoided alcohol. Not that I’m a big boozer or anything, but one thing that I do love is a good glass of wine.

My favorite wine is an orange moscato from this little vineyard in the Texas Hill Country. We don’t visit very often, but the last 2 times – well we bought several bottles and both times have found out we were pregnant shortly after arriving home. No the wine, didn’t assist in getting us pregnant, if that’s what you were thinking. Just a coincidence people!

Any who, this orange moscato has been on my mind the last several weeks. It’s been calling my name, so much so that I put a bottle in the fridge to chill before giving birth hoping it would bring my some labor luck. Didn’t really work, the bottle sat in the fridge for a few weeks. I guess all of my talk of this wine left my husband thinking that it was a total must have after I delivered the baby.

A few hours after Zeke arrived – my husband went to get our kids to meet their new sibling. He brought them back to the hospital room and was carrying a Target bag, in which he revealed a special present for me. Yep, that’s right. He had brought a bottle of the orange moscato to the hospital thinking we would just crack it open and celebrate there. Ha! So sweet of him to think of me, but the timing wasn’t right. Plus, the nurse had just informed me that I was getting a blood draw soon – I kept thinking, my alcohol level would show up on the test. Child Protective Services would show up and take my baby. Needless to say, I politely asked my husband if we could celebrate at home, rather than the hospital room.

Yes, my husband snuck wine into the hospital
Yes, my husband snuck wine into the hospital

So the other night – all 4 kids were asleep. My husband and I had our first quiet time to revel in all of the events of the last week. He brought 2 glasses out from the kitchen, poured us each a glass of the orange moscato. We toasted our new baby Zeke and then…

cheers to zeke
Cheers to Zeke


2 sips in and I was feeling tipsy.

4 sips I felt drunk.

I couldn’t even finish a glass. How sad!

Let’s just say the night ended with me getting more sleep than any new mom should be and my husband stepping up and taking care of the baby most of the night. Thankfully this kid is an angel!

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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