Dumbo Bumbo.

We’ve all seen those “stupid baby things I can’t believe anyone would spend money on” lists. But somebody somewhere thought it was a good idea which is why it is on store shelves for you to make fun of in the first place.

Enter the Bumbo.

A rubber booster seat thing that’s supposed to help little babies with good head control sit up before the rest of their body is ready to hold all that chub in a seated position.

Stupid right? I know I thought it was awful and tacky when I first saw them 6 years ago. (Not to mention there were all those people putting their babies in them on high surfaces and WALKING AWAY.)


I mean, I wasn’t wrong with Addie, the things are silly looking. She would have never enjoyed such a thing. But Vivi? Vivi is a sitter. Vivi does not want to take the world lying down. Vivi wants to see what is going on.

After an especially rough day of Vivi insisting on sitting up I thought “IF ONLY THERE WERE A THING THE BABY COULD SIT UP IN.”


I looked at them in the store. $40? FORTY DOLLARS? FOR A RUBBER SEAT. *ehem*

So I ran into the secondhand store…a whole rainbow! of gently used Bumbo seats, including the purple one I bought (with a tray!) for $20.

Vivi loves the thing. I polled twitter, those who have a baby who likes to sit up love the Bumbo.

Needless to say I’m a little more careful when slinging around the “STUPIDEST BABY ITEM EVER!” proclamation.

How about you? Do you have Bumbo babies?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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