Eli’s First Solid Food Experience!

Despite my initial plan to wait until 6 months to begin solid food, last week, at exactly 5 months old, my son had his first taste of solids. He was showing us all the signs of readiness and we got the blessing from our pediatrician to go ahead and try to see how he’d do. I was still hesitant, but my husband was insistent that he was ready and that waiting at this point was kind of silly. And ultimately, I agreed with him.

We decided in advance that if he tongue thrusted all the food out or otherwise just showed that he wasn’t really ready (gagging, not opening his mouth, etc) that we’d back off and try again in another month. We didn’t want to push solids for no reason since he was thriving on breastmilk, but we also didn’t want to hold him back if we didn’t have to.

Much to our delight, he seemed to be perfectly ready and able to manage solids, but his reaction wasn’t quite what I was expecting…

  • Ready, set, go! 1 of 9
    Ready, set, go!
    I'm not sure he knew what was about to happen, but he seemed pretty ready!
  • A two-fer 2 of 9
    A two-fer
    Who says that you can't have a spoon and a thumb at the same time? We quickly learned that the key to successful eating is to keep the hands away.
  • Okay, we didn’t learn it right away 3 of 9
    Okay, we didn't learn it right away
    And for the first two nights, he was green up to his elbow. Good thing avocado comes out in the washing machine!
  • A real bite! 4 of 9
    A real bite!
    Dad maybe overestimated how big the first real bite should be. To Eli's credit, he actually ate most of it!
  • Unsure of the spoon 5 of 9
    Unsure of the spoon
    We found out a few days later that he was NOT a fan of the feel of the spoon on his gums. We've since switched to a softer spoon and he seems much happier.
  • Hmmm 6 of 9
    I think he's starting to get the flavor for real now. This face screams, I don't like it, but I still want more!
  • Going strong… 7 of 9
    Going strong...
    After a few minutes he was opening his mouth wide every time without us making silly sounds or faces. It made me feel infinitely better to see how well he was handling things.
  • Gag! 8 of 9
    And so concluded the eating for the evening. He continued to open his mouth, but gagged every time the food touched his tongue. We made one of those executive decisions that it was time to call it a night. I don't think Eli was too distraught.
  • Day 1 complete! 9 of 9
    Day 1 complete!
    This is the face of a baby who just learned he has to eat avocado 4 more times.

For those worried, he seems to like pears MUCH better. See, he did get something from me!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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