Elvie Brings the Chub

Since Elvie was released from the hospital the first time, we’ve been visiting the pediatrician every two weeks to keep an eye on her health concerns and chart her weight progress. While there may be other aspects to our visits, each time I get excited about just one thing: weighing her. Watching her go from a sickly baby with visible ribs to a chubby little cherub has made me so happy, and those weight numbers mean a lot to me.

This week she’s felt heavier to me, but I chalked it up to how wiggly she’s become; it’s harder to hold a baby who wants to get down. I was hoping for a gain of approximately an ounce a day at best. That’s about what she’s been gaining, so I figured it was a reasonable expectation.

And then they weighed her, and she had gained twenty-one ounces in the last fourteen days. Whoa. No wonder I sometimes think she looks chubbier when she wakes up; she actually is. I think that you can see it, too, in these six photos from the past few days.

  • Those Cheeks Look Heavy 1 of 6
    Those Cheeks Look Heavy
    When your baby's cheeks look like jowls, you know the chub is building
  • More Chub = More Sass 2 of 6
    More Chub = More Sass
    The chubbier she gets, the louder her voice is. Gaining weight is making her stronger in every way.
  • A Bow to Accentuate Her Round Face 3 of 6
    A Bow to Accentuate Her Round Face
    I'm just wrapping that cute chub up like a little present.
  • She’s Filling Out the Carrier More 4 of 6
    She's Filling Out the Carrier More
    She feels so much more secure in our Beco baby carrier now that there's more weight on her.
  • Even Her Lips Are Chubbier 5 of 6
    Even Her Lips Are Chubbier
    Could a baby mouth be more cherubic? I think not.
  • Neck Rolls! 6 of 6
    Neck Rolls!
    Her neck rolls are still small, but she's working on them. By her next appointment, I'm hoping they'll be twice this size.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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