Emergen-C Please Rescue Me

Yes & Please.

This. How did I not know about this before? I seriously could have used this action when Abby was in the acid-reflux bad place. And I was on a major elimination diet which included no caffeine. 3 months, people. Perhaps I am a suck but it was hellish having no coffee.

The past couple of days? All of us sick. Except the mister. Lucky bum. Runny noses (that’s a polite way to put it), sore throats, coughs and general sinus ick. Love it when that happens 10 or so days away from the holidays when my to do list is the size of a giant planet.

It was in surfing the internets that I discovered … Emergen-C. How on earth did this not come into my life before? Moms. Listen up. New moms who are rocking on very little sleep, specifically. If you have to, or choose to eliminate caffeine from your diet — and are exhausted? This stuff is your friend. Hello morning and afternoon pick me up. Boasting 1000 mg’s of vitamin C, 24 nutrients including antioxidants, electrolytes and 7B vitamins? Wham-POW! This is the answer to all things flu season, exhaustion, mommy-brain and hangover. Had to add that last bit in there because it IS the holidays after all and some of us mamas have no qualms pumping it up so we may have a night to partake in some festive debauchery.

So. There you have it. We found ours at the health food store for a slight pretty penny (#worthit), after a trip to the pharmacy (nope), the grocery store (nope) and even the evil place (Walmart).

All I know is that yesterday I felt and looked like the grim reaper and today I am somewhat back to my old self and am dome tackling my inbox. Admin, blogging and am onto shipping out the last of my holiday orders, buh-bye. Then? I swear I’m going to make an epic batch of shortbread. Because I have to. Because I bake cookies every year and gift them and now is not the time to stop. (Especially when all the ingredients and tins are already purchased). Don’t hate the playa.

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