Enjoying the Moment

Enjoying the Moment - He's Already Growing Before My Eyes! BOO!
Enjoying the Moment - He's Already Growing Before My Eyes! BOO!

My typical daily grind, pre-baby was a non-stop day. Waking at 7ish to get our 3 kids ready. Out the door to a full day of work. Home with the kids in the evening to make the most of our family time and then maintaining a multitude of blogs and more work. Oh and I have a loving husband and marriage to maintain between it all.

It’s non-stop. I love it and my ADD personality revels in the upbeat tempo that we live in.

And then our fourth child was born.

While I know life will return to busy before we know it, I’m putting a purposeful stop on my need to go – go – go. While I love blogging and am excited to have a wee bit more time to focus on that, what I really am looking forward to is enjoying the moment.

How quickly my 16-month old has grown. It seems as if it was just yesterday that he was born and that our family of 4 was then 5. To think that we are now 6 makes my heart happy. It’s long been a dream to have this family, and who am I to take this for granted?  Zeke will be growing before our eyes, and while I can’t prevent it, I’ll be cherishing each stage of his development.

I’m actually listening to doctor’s orders and not driving for a week. My husband has taken up duty of lifting and transporting our third child, since I’m limited to carrying nothing heavier than the babe. I’ve turned work email off on my iPhone and set my out of office. I’ve scheduled time with friends and loved ones that the typical daily grind doesn’t allow. But most important me and this baby will be spending every second we can together and enjoying it all. I know if I don’t enjoy this time – it’ll all be gone, these few short months of honest raw purity.

Before we know it – this sweet little Zeke will be running around with us chasing after him. We’ll be registering him for Kindergarten. Then explaining the birds and bees. Grounding him through puberty Watching him graduate and crying at his wedding.  Someday holding his child recalling when he was that small. WAH!

What Things Did You Do To Enjoy the Moment of Your New Little One?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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