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With hardwood floors in our house, and a brick fireplace, our kids have always used a play pen at some point during their infancy and toddlerhood.

They learned the art of pulling up, crawling, and sitting up for the most part while using them, and it has always worked great for us.

After our older two sons outgrew the playpen it became a storage unit for toys, and eventually got packed away, and when we unpacked it this time around it had water damage and had to go right to the garbage.

I was extremely sad because it was awesome. One of the rare actually square playpens still on the market today, and then I came across the Joovy Room2. Another square play pen, but marketed for the parents of today. And once I got my hands on it, I fell in love with it.

First off, it was the easiest thing ever to put up. It wasn’t like your typical pack n’ play where you need 14 sets of arms to actually get it up and assembled without one side falling down, or not locking into place.

The Room2 I actually assembled all by my lonesome before my husband got home from work, and for anyone who actually knows me, knows that is a huge deal!

Two days after being welcomed into our house, it was really welcomed into the Elwood family by a diaper explosion on the actual sheet itself, and thank god for that sheet! LOL!  I simply pulled it off, and threw it right in with Addison’s dirty laundry for that day and got it right back on after it was dried. The sheet, that is included, is a complete lifesaver!

It is 35 inches tall, which is especially nice because my boys can’t climb into it! It is just too tall that they can’t scale it … yet!

I give it two big thumbs right up, and I love it so much I am going to give one away to you guys!

Also be sure to check out Joovy’s awesome new line of toys which are available now!

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  • Joovy Room2 in Red 1 of 5
    Joovy Room2 in Red
    The Room2 comes in two different colors, and includes a matching travel bag to easily pack it in!
  • Joovy Room2 in Black 2 of 5
    Joovy Room2 in Black
    This is the color we have in our house, and absolutely love it. Like the red, it also comes with a travel/carrying bag.
  • All Set Up 3 of 5
    All Set Up
    The Room2 all set up in my living room before Addison's toys took it over.
  • Play Time! 4 of 5
    Play Time!
    Addie loves sitting and playing with all of her toys in the Room2. It also comes with a removable sheet for easy washing incase anything spills, or your baby actually acts like a baby and spits up or poops on the sheet. You know it happens!
  • Room2 5 of 5
    The Room2 is large, but it isn't too big. The detentions are 31"H x 39"W x 39"L. And of course you are asked to discontinue use once your child can climb out.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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