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The Cruz in Tyler!

A couple months I got the chance to review the UPPAbaby Cruz and we have really put it to the test.

Through my oldest son till now I cannot even begin to explain at how much strollers have changed, or I should say the kind of strollers we have used. With my older boys I used travel systems. They were easy. I got one at my baby shower with my oldest that lasted until our middle son had outgrown the car seat and we gave it away.

Then there was the huge bulky double stroller I bought when I was pregnant with my middle son. I was so happy to see that one go to a local charity because it was a giant pain in my neck.

So I haven’t had the best track record with picking easy to use strollers.

When I started trying the Cruz out I felt like I was in an entire new universe. The ease of the stroller when it came to opening and closing it. No more pushing a button and standing on my head praying it would shut all the way to shove it into my trunk. Speaking of my trunk we don’t have a ton of room and this stroller doesn’t take up much room at all. Perfect for a family with an already packed trunk!

My absolute favorite feature has to  be the reversible seat, so your baby can face you. One of the biggest problems I had with other strollers was this option, even when kids are older sometimes they want to face whoever is strolling them, or maybe you just want to keep an eye on them. Totally understandable all around!

There is also the jazzy one handed lever that reclines the seat to lay your baby down, or sit them up. Two big thumbs up for making that easy because the Cruz has to be the easiest stroller I have ever tried out when it comes to reclining the seat.

It is even compatible with an infant car seat! No need to take your little one out to put them in the stroller, just clip them right in!

Overall I give the Cruz two big thumbs up. By far the best overall stroller I have ever used, and the easiest to use by a mile!

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  • Cruz in Denny 1 of 8
    Cruz in Denny
    This adorable red model of the Cruz is called Denny!
  • Cruz in Sydney 2 of 8
    Cruz in Sydney
    This bright yellow style is called the Sydney... don't you love it?
  • Cruz in Tyler 3 of 8
    Cruz in Tyler
    Tyler is the lovely silver model we have and absolutely love!
  • Cruz in Jake 4 of 8
    Cruz in Jake
    This black style is called the Jake. So which one do you like?
  • Addie’s first ride in the Cruz 5 of 8
    Addie's first ride in the Cruz
    This picture is from our maiden voyage with the Cruz in our local mall. Addie was certainly trying to check it all out! Overall she loves it too.
  • Cruz 6 of 8
    A picture of a side view of the material.
  • Addie Again… 7 of 8
    Addie Again...
    Because who doesn't love a smiling picture of a happy Addie in the Cruz?
  • In Style 8 of 8
    In Style
    See! With a UPPAbaby Cruz your baby will always be stylin' just like Addie! HA!

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