Even Babies Need Alone Time

1062118_10103310331650683_1804763527_nThis morning I walked into Avery’s room to find her curled up on her sister’s bed reading a book. Avery has become such a bookworm lately and will find any excuse to read a book. After gushing over how cute she looked, I walked up to her and attempted to sit on the bed to read the book to her. She grunted in distaste and took the book back.

“Do you want me to read it to you?”

She shook her head no.

I quietly got off of the bed and left the room. Before exiting, I looked over my shoulder to see her sitting there “reading” to herself as happy as could be.

She just wanted to be alone.

As a mom who stays at home with my kids all day long, it’s easy for me to count down the hours until bedtime so that I can finally get some time to myself. But I have never once thought about the fact that my kids might need some time away from me too.

Avery has never been an only child. She was born with a sister. Someone who is always around. The girls get along so well and play together all the time that I just figured that Avery liked being around other people. I never stopped to think that she needed some time to herself. She does.

Five minutes after leaving Avery in her room she ran over to me with a book in her hand and smiling. It was obvious that she wanted me to read it.

“Do you want me to read this to you?”

This time, she shook her head yes.

And she sat down in my lap and we read the story together.

That was it. Five minutes alone was all she needed to herself. Five minutes of solitude without her mom or her sister around. Five minutes.

There are going to be many more times that I will catch Avery playing by herself. Rather than jumping at the gun and rushing in to play with her for fear she is lonely, I will probably just let it be. Because even babies need time to themselves.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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