Even if You Could, Would You? Bugaboo Introduces the $1,775 'My First Car' Stroller

Bugaboo My First Car
Imagine the price tag on the second car?

When the First Lady of Royal Parenting (Gwyneth Paltrow) gifts a $979 to the Queen Mom (Beyonce), then you know a $1,775 stroller is probably excessive.

Dubbed “My First Car,” the priciest Bugaboo stroller ever just hit the market with a blindingly sparkly blingy price tag of $1,775, according to the New York Daily News.

Even if you could (afford it), would you (buy it)?

The new stroller, which was designed by mens’ clothing and fragrance designer Viktor & Rolf, is meant to be “daddy-friendly” because it’s “sleek, chic” and gray with “sports-car style fabric and a hand-stitched handlebar.”

“There’s a design and a brand positioning that can appeal to men,” Vital Ledru, account manager in France for Bugaboo told AFP Relaxnews. “It’s all about suspensions, tire-types, braking systems — stuff dads can relate to.”

And you thought the $1,500 Bugaboo Donkey-stroller was posh. Ha.

“My First Car” is available now to members of Gilt Baby & Kids, and will be on sale to the masses in early September. Those among the masses who can afford it, that is.

As for what parents of babies who ride around in “My First Car” will do when those babies are out of the stroller and ready for their “second” and “real” car? Surely the suits at Mercedes, BMW and Lexus are waiting with bated breath to help them figure it out.

If you could afford it, would you buy it?

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