Even More Inappropriate Baby Onesies

The first edition of Inappropriate Baby Onesies did so well I decided to do a follow-up.

Y’all, there is some crazy stuff out there available for purchase. I left out some of the more risque onesies the first time around, but decided that since they went over so well, I’d throw this batch at you and still, I had to leave out some really inappropriate stuff.

What do you think?

Would you buy these for your kid to wear? If not, would you be offended if you saw someone else’s child wearing one of these?

Like I said, I think they’re all funny. Obviously it’s adult humor because baby has no clue. And the fact that the slogan is on a baby makes it even funnier.

Also, all the onesies are available for purchase on Cafe Press.

  • Oh my. 1 of 16
    Oh my.
    Guys and their junk, man. Don't they know that one saying about the motion of the ocean?
  • He’s just talking about laundry, right? 2 of 16
    He's just talking about laundry, right?
    Note: it will not just be one load a day. It will be many, many loads... of laundry.
  • The J. Edgar Hoover Onesie. 3 of 16
    The J. Edgar Hoover Onesie.
    Some men prefer ladies underwear, that's all. I don't see a problem. I wear my husband's boxers to bed all the time.
  • Ain’t It The Truth? 4 of 16
    Ain't It The Truth?
    Nobody looks forward to cocktail hour more than a mother of little ones.
  • For the baby of a lady’s man. 5 of 16
    For the baby of a lady's man.
    So this one is just about suntan lotion, right?
  • For the breastfeeder in your life. 6 of 16
    For the breastfeeder in your life.
    What a lovely promotion for breastfeeding.
  • More support for breastfeeding. 7 of 16
    More support for breastfeeding.
    C'mon, ditch the bra! Unless, of course, that's a nursing bra you're wearing.
  • More breastfeeding jokes! 8 of 16
    More breastfeeding jokes!
    Can't share too many boob jokes, amiright?
  • In defense of breastfeeding 9 of 16
    In defense of breastfeeding
    More boob jokes! Hey, who made these up? Wanna bet it's a dude?
  • Mother sucker. 10 of 16
    Mother sucker.
    This one is my fave fo sho.
  • A play on the classic NYC tee 11 of 16
    A play on the classic NYC tee
    Who doesn't love boobies? I mean really... Tell us something we don't know.
  • Ladies, play it coy and let your child announce your hotness. 12 of 16
    Ladies, play it coy and let your child announce your hotness.
    If anyone I know is reading this, I'm sure we can all agree you should totally buy this for my Henry.
  • So clever. 13 of 16
    So clever.
    Ha ha! Get it! Because babies suck when breastfeeding!
  • The Happiest Meal 14 of 16
    The Happiest Meal
    Fries and a cheeseburger? Girl, please.
  • Madlibs! 15 of 16
    Does anyone remember madlibs? Bueller? Man, I'm old.
  • For the scientific baby. 16 of 16
    For the scientific baby.
    All men everywhere can say they were the best at something at least once in their lives, right?

All photos courtesy of Cafe Press where you can also find any of these onesies available for purchase.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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