Excited By Nipple Cream

I never thought I would be so excited by a product that contained the words nipple and cream in the same sentence.  I guess that is just what motherhood does to you right?

I was sent a sample of the Motherlove nipple cream by the Motherlove Herbal Company because I was in desperate need of relief in the first couple weeks of breastfeeding, and they totally heard me complaining on twitter.   Which I am eternally grateful for because it has helped a ton!

I never thought it would become a big issue. I never really had any breast tenderness or nipple soreness with breastfeeding my older two children, but my boys also enjoyed their pacifiers and did not use me as one.

This baby on the other hand things that my boobs are 100% her property all day every day, and also refuses to take a pacifier at all. I have tried everything, every kind, and nothing seems to work.   While I am happy that I won’t have to battle to take it away from her down the road, I would almost take that battle on just to have her detach from my boobs long enough to get some sort of relief.  Or just not feel like a dairy cow for an hour of my life.

But a friend of mine totally put my life into perspective the other day when she commented on my excitement of the package I got in the mail… “You know you’re a mother when you get excited over nipple and diaper rash cream.”

Yup, my life have been reduced to this kind of excitement… well that and finally treating myself to an iphone so I have something to play with while I am be used as a human pacifier.

But about the cream… it is awesome!   It works great, and the best part of it all is the fact that it is all natural.   There really aren’t too many products on the market that I feel comfortable putting on my breast, and then knowing eventually it will end up in contact with my newborns mouth.

My next nipple cream on my agenda to try is the Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter.  Sounds kinky right?

Oh the joys of breastfeeding!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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