Extreme Breastfeeding: a Collection of Images From Around The Web

Otherwise known as mastering breastfeeding while multitasking. The term extreme breastfeeding? Never heard of it till a few days ago, when my friends from Snugabell posted this little diddy in their Facebook feed. I of course had to click.

What I found were mostly everyday occurrences for most mom’s…I know I attempt to do multiple things quite often while breastfeeding.

From tandem breastfeeding multiples, NAK’ing (Nursing at Keyboard), exercising, eating, taking care of business and other children. These amongst some other far more extreme breastfeeding moments are what you’ll see below. After the jump!

  • While Grocery Shopping 1 of 23
    Yes mister self-obessed Nascar race car Driver. Sometimes it has to happen. You find this, more '#nasty' (I am quoting his own hahstag people), than this? Bet you're not complaining around that sort of bared cleavage.
    Photo Credit: Gregarious Peach
  • Anytime, Anywhere 2 of 23
    I love the blog that I found this image on. They are all about advocating on behalf of the normalization of breastfeeding. That mothers can do it anywhere anytime. This mama is nursing on the streets of Italy. Love this shot.
    Photo Credit: Nursing Freedom
  • BF’ing Twins 3 of 23
    Bravo. That is all.
    Photo Credit: Nursing Freedom
  • While Baby-Wearing 4 of 23
    I've been thankful for my baby carrier to nurse during many an occasion. It's usually while shopping, keeping both of my arms and hands free to get things done while appeasing a screaming/hungry bebe.
    Photo Credit: Nursing Freedom
  • & Then More Baby-Wearing 5 of 23
    This proves time and time again that nursing anywhere really is possible. Some slight learning curves involved, but here you have a built in cover up, hands-free nursing and tight cuddles all in one!
    Photo Credit: Nursing Freedom
  • Extreme Nursing For Reals 6 of 23
    A yoga inversion. Otherwise known as a headstand. But while breastfeeding? That's more talent than I'll ever have.
    Photo Credit: Dad Trends
  • Nursing Ab Workout? 7 of 23
    Kudos to this mama. Nothing I'll be doing anytime too soon. I don't think.
    Photo Credit: Did You Get Any of That?
  • While Pregnant 8 of 23
    My milk stopped coming in when I was pregnant with Abby and still breastfeeding my first. This momma's body kept on producing! Our bodies are so amazing!
    Photo Credit: Breastfeeding Issues & Solutions.
  • Double Football Hold For The Win! 9 of 23
    *claps hands* Kym is a proud Canadian mom of 3 under 3. Two of them twins.
    Photo Credit: Twinside Out
  • Breastfeeding Whilst Blogging 10 of 23
    Or tweeting. Or both.
    Photo Credit: Kitchen Stewardship
  • NAK 11 of 23
    Otherwise known as nursing at the keyboard. Until today I did not know of such an acronym. The things one learns on the internets.
    Photo Credit: It's All About The Hat
  • Another Cute NAK’er 12 of 23
    aka: Multi-tasking queen of ferocity. Also? A lactivist, but not extremist. Tis' good, this kind.
    Photo Credit: The Gnome's Mom
  • Whilst Pumping 13 of 23
    WOOT! Wearing the Pumpease organic pumping bra no less! Y'all know what I think about this product. If you don't, click here.
    Photo Credit: The Leaky Boob
  • Mom of 3 Can & Will 14 of 23
    Nurse and push her other littles on the swings. Again, the pro's of baby-wearing. Also known as talent. This takes talent my friends.
    Photo Credit: Wrap Your Baby
  • Eating & BF’ing 15 of 23
    In a stadium no less. While momming and paying for said food. Hot-dogs are cool like that. Are Starbucks and hot-dogs really a mom's beast friend? Hmmmm....
    Photo Credit: For The Love of Naps
  • While Baking 16 of 23
    Straight from the UK TV series: Extraordinary Breastfeeding, now off air. Photo Credit: UK TV.
  • Double Wearing With 1 Snacking 17 of 23
    Phew! Now THAT's commitment.
    Photo Credit: The Breastfeeding Project
  • The New Plank 18 of 23
    Now this. This is something I've done. Not with Abby, but with my 1st, when it seemed I had more time for such things as working out. Or maybe it was just that I made the time. Either way...been there, done that. No biggie.
    Photo Credit: The Breastfeeding Project
  • Milk Break 19 of 23
    The cuteness. I mean really...those little boots and that jacket!
    Photo Credit: The Breastfeeding Project.
  • The Office 20 of 23
    No one like a mama can multi-task better. Just sayin'.
    Photo Credit: The Breastfeeding Project
  • With Triplets! 21 of 23
    This is a momma of NINE children. Hooooo doggy!
    Photo Credit: Bliss
  • Roller Derby Mama 22 of 23
    Who, as Jim Croche would agree - is definitely the Queen.
    Photo Credit: Babble's Being Pregnant
  • Career Goals 23 of 23
    If only my little babe would behave so well while I nursed and attempted working.
    Photo Credit: Marvelous Kiddo

Are you an ‘extreme’ breastfeeder and proud of it? I know I am!

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