Extreme Breastfeeding Images: 2nd Edition

Perhaps amazing is a better term. Inspiring. Extreme? Maybe to some. As a busy mom to 2 littles under 3 years of age I can saftely say, that a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do to get stuff done. That and breastfeeding is hard work for many. And sometimes? Sometimes it’s not even about having to breastfeed in public out of sheer urgency, (although mostly it is, these babies are HUNGRY I tell you!) The base emotion of it all, what makes some mothers fight so hard for their rights? Is that they are doing what is completely ageless, instinctively natural and all to do with mother-hood. Nothing to do with exhibitionism. These, of course, are only my opinions. Of which I am so right about. In January I shared the 1st edition of images I curated for you all to enjoy and be inspired by. It was such a well-received collection that I’ve decided to share some more with y’all. Because the nursing freedom shan’t ever end.

  • Hiking 1 of 21
    Enjoying some rugged terrain and the splendour of the Yosemite, this mama utilizes having her babe in the carrier to nurse in mother-facing position.
    Photo Credit: Milk! SF
  • Labour Induction! 2 of 21
    Labour Induction!
    I've heard of some things. This is a new one. I wonder if it worked!
    Photo Credit: The Breastfeeding Project
  • Tandem Nursing Twins 3 of 21
    Tandem Nursing Twins
    Julie Bowen of the TV show Modern Family feeding her twin babes in a classic football hold.
    Photo Credit: The Huffington Post
  • More Tandem Beauty 4 of 21
    More Tandem Beauty
    This image is pure mama joy. Huge props out to mamas who can breastfeed past 1 year. HUGE.
    Photo Credit: Many Hands House
  • Political Activisim 5 of 21
    Political Activisim
    Having to feed her babe doesn't stop this mama from speaking to her country's leader. Nor should it. Blue Milk
  • Operating Table 6 of 21
    Operating Table
    This strong mama voiced her right to breastfeed her baby immediately after a C-section while she was still cut open and being stapled back together!
    Photo Credit: The Breastfeeding Project
  • While Working 7 of 21
    While Working
    Baby-wearing and nursing with one hand to support the latch, while the other hand balances a load of laundry on top of her head. Bravo.
    Photo Credit: Persephone Sunset on Tumblr
  • 20th Century 8 of 21
    20th Century
    Breastfeeding circa 1943. Boomshakalaka.
    Photo Credit: Historic Photos & Prints of Breastfeeding on Facebook
  • Uhm…Danger Bay? 9 of 21
    Uhm...Danger Bay?
    I understand the need for coffee. Oh believe, me - do I ever. This strikes me as slightly unsafe though, what about you?
    Photo Credit: The Breastfeeding Project
  • A Mother’s Love 10 of 21
    A Mother's Love
    I find the composition of this photo of taken by Nataly Dauer particularly striking.
    Photo Credit: Off Beat Mama
  • Hilarious 11 of 21
    This may not be a mother and child, but it sure is dang funny.
    Photo Credit: Recipe Art
  • Here Comes The Bride 12 of 21
    Here Comes The Bride
    Ah, beautiful BTB. A precious moment captured.
    Photo Credit: Kora Organics
  • Stackers 13 of 21
    Of the human kind. Pretty amazing and adorable. All of these tandem nursing mamas are my kind of heroines.
    Photo Credit: The Breastfeeding Project
  • Newborn Tandem 14 of 21
    Newborn Tandem
    Quite the snuggly cradle hold. Supported by mama and papa.
    Photo Credit:Earth Mama Baby Angel on Facebook
  • Hands Full 15 of 21
    Hands Full
    A mama of 3 young ones certainly has to be dexterous and deft to get the job done!
    Photo Credit: Toushstonez
  • Kitty Cuddles 16 of 21
    Kitty Cuddles
    It's not just the mamas who can multi-task while breastfeeding! This is one adorable snuggle-fest.
    Photo Credit: Belinda Martins on Pinterest
  • The Boobie Beanie 17 of 21
    The Boobie Beanie
    Oh interents. Can't say I'd don this while bf'ing, but to each their own. It is rather good for a chuckle.
    Photo Credit:Boobie Beanie
  • Sibling Meal-Time 18 of 21
    Sibling Meal-Time
    Is dope. As is this picture.
    Photo Credit: Tulip Girl
  • While Shopping 19 of 21
    While Shopping
    Been there, done that. No biggie. But, apparently to some - it is.
    Photo Credit: Niagara Region Breastfeeding Coalition
  • Pumping & Nursing 20 of 21
    Pumping & Nursing
    This is something I've attempted before but never really mastered. I suppose I'm not Zen enough. Which is fine. Totally. Doesn't mean this mama doesn't rock hardcore in my books for various reasons. Read the article to find out!
    Photo Credit: Adelaide Now
  • Wonder Woman 21 of 21
    Wonder Woman
    This right here? This is the fabulous Kim of Prairie Mama Designs and Blog. In this photo she is #owning the Handmade Marketplace at Blissdom this past February. She brought her darling baby boy and rocked being a vendor at the show. As seen here taking a custom order, ringing an order through, baby-wearing and nursing. With the biggest grin on her pretty face.
    Photo Credit: Moi on Instagram.

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