Father's Day Gift for the Hands-On Dad: Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair?

The gift that benefits the whole family.

I’ve told you what my husband is getting for Father’s Day but maybe your husband isn’t a geography geek. Maybe he is more the hands-on-dad type. For this future do-er of the little girl ‘do, may I suggest the sweet, and funny, and useful book, Does Your Daughter Have DADHAIR? A step-by-step guide for Dads.

dadhair (dad-har) n. A style in which hair is arranged so that it is obvious that an unskilled stylist (namely the male paternal figure) is responsible. Syn. DISASTER, TRAGEDY <that poor child obviously has dadhair.>

If, like me, you have an older daughter, you may have witnessed your husband’s questionable skills in the follicular department. Mom’s of baby girls, trust me, there will come a day when Dad will be responsible for sending your sweet little lady out in the world and left untrained, he will give himself away as the hairdresser do jour on first sight.

If only there were a version for outfits because my girls definitely have DAD FASHION.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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