5 Things My Husband REALLY Wants For Father's Day

*Hint: It isn't a plaster baby handprint.

There are a variety of sentimental gifts that we as moms think about making/giving our husbands when Father’s Day rolls around.  And while I’m not saying that my husband wouldn’t appreciate the thought and effort behind a sentimental gift, I’m pretty sure he would have no idea what to do with a plaster mold of Fern’s hand print.  Of course he’d be a good sport and think it was cute, but it’s not exactly what he’s been dreaming of receiving for his first Father’s Day.

I’ve put aside my my own sentimentality and tried to put myself in his shoes as I wondered, “What does he really want for Father’s Day?”

Well, this is what I’ve come up with…

  • Sex. 1 of 5
    Having a little one on an irregular sleep schedule has definitely thrown a wrench in the romance department if you know what I mean. I'm pretty sure some good old fashioned (pre-baby style) boot knocking would rank pretty high up on his wish list.
  • Sports. 2 of 5
    My husband is a sports fiend. We have DVR for the sake of our marriage, because he religiously watches every single basketball and football game ever in the history of the world (no exaggeration). I'm pretty sure he'd love a day of uninterrupted sports watching or tickets to a Portland Timbers soccer game with a friend. Of course I could go with him too, though I'm pretty sure he'd have more fun with someone who actually knows the rules of soccer.
  • Steak. 3 of 5
    We definitely eat a fair share of meat in our house, but usually he's the one doing the cooking. I'm pretty sure the hubs would be stoked if I grilled up some steak for him. Food is the way to his heart.
  • Stout. 4 of 5
    Basically any type of delicious microbrew would be well-received by the man that I love and luckily I've got plenty to choose from here in Portland.
  • Sleep. 5 of 5
    Between a baby who still doesn't have a super set sleep schedule and an insomniac wife who tosses and turns and keeps him awake much of the night, I'm certain some uninterrupted sleep is something he dreams about on a daily basis.


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