Fave Item Of The Week: Baby Moccasins That Stay On

With fringe. A winning combination. Give me things that stay put, fringe and maybe some ruffles for kicks and I’m happy. Well, mostly. Such details my girl appreciates as well.

I can just tell.

That’s right. It’s in her eyes. Already, my little fashionista. Don’t try and tell me about how babies don’t care what they wear and that I’m only satisfying my own fancies. Phhht!

A few weeks ago, whilst shopping for our trip to Mexico, Lil’ Abner catapulted one of her baby moccs into thin air somewhere in the mall. As in, I didn’t notice her doing it and even after retracing our steps once I noticed it missing…it was nowhere to be found.

First World problems, I know.

While the world must go on, my babies feet still need to be kept warm and protected, thus began the hunt for baby moccs that would stay on. However darling her old moccs were, those suckers never did stay on. they constantly fell off and were super easy for her to pull off.

These new ones I found on glorious Etsy via On Foot? They go nowhere. Super cute, well-made and buttery soft, (I chose the tan ones). Made in St. Louis Missouri, they were shipped within days of my ordering them and arrived to our home digs in Canada lickety split, just in time for our vacay.

Best baby shoes ever. Just my humble opinion after having tried out a few dozen o so pairs on a couple of rambunctious babes. Also, from one who doesn’t buy a ton of baby shoes – because really, before they are walking, what’s the point. You really only want one or two pairs that go with everything, are stylin’ and actually stay-on.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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