Favorite Moments Between Sisters

Today is National Sisters Day. When I first found out that Avery was a girl, I was so happy and filled with joy. It wasn’t just for our growing family, but for Harlan. I have a sister that is 13 months younger than I am and I know just how special it is to grow up with a someone that is so close to you.

From the moment that Harlan first saw Avery, I saw the spark in her eyes. She fell in love with her sister from the very first time that she held her in her arms. A special relationship was blooming and I couldn’t wait to watch it grow. Now 17 months later, these girls are the absolute best of friends.

I’m celebrating National Sisters Day by looking back at some of my favorite moments from the girls and their very special sister relationship.

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  • First Meeting 2 of 11

    This was the first moment that the girls met each other. My life couldn't have been more full at this moment. 

  • Loving Her 3 of 11

    I was so nervous how Harlan would adjust to have another little one around the house. But this photo shows you just how well she adjusted. She absolutely loves having a sister. 

  • Let’s Read 4 of 11

    I walked into the room after cleaning up their room and found Harlan "reading" to Avery. This was one of the first times that I saw Harlan really try to take care of her sister.

  • Just Relaxing 5 of 11

    This was one of my favorite shots of the girls. I tried to get a "perfect" photo of them sitting up and Avery sitting in Harlan's lap, but they both fell backward and I happen to snap the camera right at the moment they fell down and laughed. This couldn't have been more of a perfect shot. 

  • Helping Each Other 6 of 11

    Holding hands and helping each other is just what they love to do. 

  • Playing Together 7 of 11

    This was the first time that I caught them playing by themselves in their room together. It was the first of many times. It's now one of their favorite things to do with one another. 

  • Hugs 8 of 11

    I cannot tell you how many times these girls hug each other. They absolutely love to show their love and affection for one another. I love watching these moments between these two. It's so special. 

  • Deep in Conversation 9 of 11

    The girls were playing with their toys one morning before breakfast and I caught Harlan deep in conversation with Avery. I think she was telling her exactly how to play with each figurine. It was so cute to watch them "talk" with one another. 

  • Reunited Again 10 of 11

    Every afternoon Avery waited impatiently in her stroller for Harlan to get out of preschool. This is the exact moment that they see each other after being apart most of the afternoon. They couldn't be happier to see each other. 

  • Hand in Hand 11 of 11

    On our afternoon home from the playground, I didn't have the stroller and Avery refused to be held. As I was getting frustrated because Avery wasn't letting me hold her, Harlan told me to let her walk so that she could hold her hand. They walked most our our way home hand in hand and Avery couldn't have been happier. 

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