Fern Winter’s Guide To Holiday Style For Baby Girls

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Tips and tricks to get you and your baby girl through the holiday season in style.

Hey guys! It’s Fern Winter, and today we’re going to talk about holiday style for baby girls.

My mom likes to share tips for dressing me, but I thought I’d chime in to just in case she forgets some of the most important stuff. Dressing for the holidays is a little different than dressing for the rest of the year, because in addition to all the usual considerations  – keeping us babies stylish and comfortable – you also have to think about photo opps, holiday meals and outfits that will stand up to the 18,000 baby snuggles that we’re going to have to put up with from great aunts and cousins at the family dinner.

It might seem too stressful to bother with dressing us in cute clothes. You may be thinking of just putting us in a pair of holiday-themed pajamas and giving up, but don’t do it! Dressing baby girls for the holidays can be fun and I’m here to help!

Here are 8 tips to help you and your baby get through the holiday season in comfort and style!

  • Fern says: Spring for shoes! 1 of 7
    Fern says: Spring for shoes!
    Shoes for babies are kind of pointless, because we like to take them off every five seconds, but if it's a special occasion like a holiday and you want our feet to look cute in pictures, today is the day to do it. Choose a style that laces up and will stay on better, or go for tights with a print that looks like a shoe instead.
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  • Fern says: Keep it simple. 2 of 7
    Fern says: Keep it simple.
    Fancy frilly dresses are cute, but not always so practical for crawlers like me. The less items you have the worry about the better and choose an outfit that works for your baby and where they're at. These cute shorts with built-in tights would be perfect for me to crawl up a storm in and they're still definitely fancy enough for a holiday fete.
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  • Fern says: Keep it festive, NOT cheesy. 3 of 7
    Fern says: Keep it festive, NOT cheesy.
    Do you want to wear a one-piece with a giant picture of Santa Claus on it for your grown-up holiday party? No? Well, either do babies. Dress us up in festive colors and fun patterns and maybe even a frill or two, but please steer clear of the cheese - save it for our pajamas, please and thank you.
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  • Fern says: Accessorize! 4 of 7
    Fern says: Accessorize!
    Make holiday outfits personalized with accessories. Glittery hair clips and headbands and perfect - even if we don't keep them on for long, it's fun to get a little fancy.
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  • Fern says: Don’t forget the basics. 5 of 7
    Fern says: Don't forget the basics.
    The best laid outfit plans will be all for naught if you don't remember the basics. If you're putting a dress on your baby, don't forget the bloomers. I don't want my diaper showing in holiday photos and I'm pretty sure your baby girl feels the same!
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  • Fern says: Be practical AND fashionable. 6 of 7
    Fern says: Be practical AND fashionable.
    At some point during the holidays you're going to have to feed us and you might as well do it in style with a cute bib so you don't ruin our cute holiday clothes with mashed sweet potatoes. Functional can be fashionable too!
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  • Fern says: Bring a comfy back-up. 7 of 7
    Fern says: Bring a comfy back-up.
    By the end of the festivities we're probably going to be over the fanciness, so don't forget to bring a cute and comfy back-up so we can cozy down at the end of the day.
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