Fern Winter’s Sweet and Simple First Birthday Brunch

Fern Winter's Sweet and Simple First Birthday BrunchFern’s birthday isn’t actually until tomorrow (January 15th), but we decided to celebrate it over the weekend, with a small little family party. It was a sweet and simple birthday brunch and I was so thankful I didn’t make it into a bigger event than that, because I think it would’ve just been stressful. As it was, I thought the party was absolutely perfect. Everyone enjoyed themselves, Fern included, and it was exactly as I had hoped it would be.

Here are a few (OK, a little more than a few) photos from Fern’s first birthday fête…

  • A seat for the guest of honor 1 of 18
    A seat for the guest of honor
    Obviously Fern had the best seat in the house since it was her birthday after all.
  • Crown 2 of 18
    Not so sure about this whole crown business.
  • Family Photo 3 of 18
    Family Photo
    A little blurry, but at least we got one!
  • Entry 4 of 18
    So, please ignore the unfinished window frames (we're in the middle of remodeling out house) as well as the couch in our dining room (we just got a new one and were waiting on someone to come get the old ones), but this was the birthday party scene.
  • Details 5 of 18
    I loved the black and white color scheme with whimsical pops of color. I thought it all turned out really cute!
  • Plants 6 of 18
    Plants add life to any event, so I added in these - cheap and I can plant them later!
  • Birthday Banner 7 of 18
    Birthday Banner
    I tried to consider all the little details. Since we just had a very small party with immediate family, I tried to make it special by adding in little details like these little plant banners.
  • Birthday Cake 8 of 18
    Birthday Cake
    Fern's cake turned out really well! I had planned to make her a cupcake, but couldn't find my muffin tins. I think this turned out even better though.
  • Vignette 9 of 18
    A little vignette of things I created on the wall.
  • Brunch Food 10 of 18
    Brunch Food
    We had everyone bring "something brunch-y" which alleviated a lot of stress for me. I only had to make a few dishes this way, which was nice. It was also nice having a brunch instead of something in the afternoon or evening, since mornings are Fern's happiest time of day. It worked out perfectly and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the entire event.
  • Birthday Teepee 11 of 18
    Birthday Teepee
    Fern's grandpa made her a teepee for her birthday and she and Marley are definitely fans. We've already spent plenty of time utilizing it in her room this weekend. She loves it!
  • Opening Gifts 12 of 18
    Opening Gifts
    Fern doesn't quite get the concept of gift opening yet, but it was fun watching her try to rip and eat the paper nonetheless.
  • Her favorite gift 13 of 18
    Her favorite gift
    Of all the lovely gifts Fern received, I'm pretty sure her favorite were the organic food pouches my mom wrapped up for her. She had bought a bunch on sale and was just going to give them to me for her last week, but I thought it would be fun to wrap them up since Fern loves them so much. There was a bag of about 20 baby food pouches and Fern loved taking each and every one out and kept going back to them throughout the present opening process.
  • Cake Time! 14 of 18
    Cake Time!
    Wondering what this is all about...
  • Candles are exciting 15 of 18
    Candles are exciting
    Fern was thrilled by the little flame atop her cake. Quite possibly her favorite part.
  • Huh? 16 of 18
    She was a little confused at first. She's never been given something this large to try to eat herself, so she wasn't quite sure what to do at first. She caught on pretty quickly though.
  • Getting down to business 17 of 18
    Getting down to business
    After daintily picking pieces off of her cake for awhile, Fern eventually just picked up the whole thing and dug in! Don't worry...she didn't eat anywhere close to that entire cake.
  • Post cake bath 18 of 18
    Post cake bath
    After all the cake eating excitement our girl was in serious need of a bath. So many cake crumbs went down that drain! Then it was time for a nap and the end of a lovely and successful first birthday. We are definitely looking forward to many more to come!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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