Fern's Cutest Photos From Her 8th Month

Photo Round-up From Fern's 8th MonthFern Winter turned eight months old this weekend and we had our monthly photo shoot. This month seemed like a bit of a waiting game, no major milestones were met, but Fern is still learning so much every day! (See Month 1 , Month 2Month 3 , Month 4Month 5Month 6 and Month 7 photo shoots to compare!) She’s also making us laugh with her funny baby dinosaur sounds and her hair is growing like a weed!

This month Fern had a rough time with teething (but still no teeth!), went to the zoo for the first time, and we finally found diapers that don’t leak at night – so no more grumpy mornings!

I am documenting Fern’s first year of life by doing a round up of my favorite photos from that month and taking her photo in front of our chalkboard and making a list of her likes and dislikes.

See Fern’s likes and dislikes and best photos from this past month after the jump!

Fern likes:

*kitchen utensils, *the zoo, *salmon, kiwi and yogurt, *wiggling in the tub, *eating real food, *sitting up, *opening drawers

Fern dislikes:

*having her hair brushed, *bottles, *loud noises, *when naps are late

Fern’s best photos from this month:

  • Miss Independent 1 of 15
    Miss Independent
    This month Fern is showing us more and more how content she is to play by herself. After a bit of course she wants snuggles, but then she's ready to go back and play by herself again. Sometimes when she's fussy, it's just because she wants to be left alone for a bit. I may have an independent little lady on my hands!
  • Little Bookworm 2 of 15
    Little Bookworm
    One of my little cousins put these fakie glasses on Fern while they were playing and it was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.
  • Enjoying the Autumnal Weather 3 of 15
    Enjoying the Autumnal Weather
    We've been experiencing perfectly lovely autumn weather here in Portland so we've been spending time playing in our backyard.
  • Standing On Her Own 4 of 15
    Standing On Her Own
    This month Fern started standing on her own...sort of. She can't pull herself up, but if we stand her next to something she can grab on to (i.e. a table ledge or the like) she'll latch on and hold herself up for a good bit of time.
  • Her New Ride 5 of 15
    Her New Ride
    This month we started ditching the car seat during shopping trips in favor of sitting in the cart and Fern is a huge fan which makes for much happier shopping trips.
  • Sensory Play 6 of 15
    Sensory Play
    Fern was completely entranced by these little gel bubble things at her friend Bennett's birthday party. Her sense of wonder about the world is so sweet.
  • New Favorite Toy 7 of 15
    New Favorite Toy
    Fern's new favorite toys are all of the kitchen persuasion. Muffin tins and measuring spoons are preferred.
  • Grandma Face 8 of 15
    Grandma Face
    This is a face that Fern makes often and I hope she makes it (or some variation thereof) forever. It reminds me of a little old grandma and always makes me laugh.
  • Getting Bigger 9 of 15
    Getting Bigger
    Our afternoon naps on my bed probably won't happen for too much longer as I'm starting to worry about her rolling off my bed and it kind of makes me sad. I'm taking tons of sleeping photos of her to compensate.
  • Sweatshirt Baby 10 of 15
    Sweatshirt Baby
    This was taken on a chilly Sunday morning while we were having coffee (just milk for Fern!) as a family and Fern was a little chilly. I threw my nearby hoodie on her and my heart pretty much melted over her cuteness.
  • Minnie Mouse 11 of 15
    Minnie Mouse
    We had a package sent to us by Disney and inside was this little outfit. Not something I would've bought myself, but once it was on it was absolutely precious. She was pretty excited about the slippers too.
  • First Zoo Trip 12 of 15
    First Zoo Trip
    This photo was the first shot we took on our zoo trip this month - Fern's first! We went with Fern's Grammy and her cousin Harlow and Harlow's mommy.
  • Rawrrrr! 13 of 15
    I tried to get a souvenir for her at the zoo, but she wasn't into it.
  • Big Cats 14 of 15
    Big Cats
    I thought Fern would like these cheetahs, but not so much. She much preferred the bears and the penguins. Go figure.
  • 8 Month Photo Shoot 15 of 15
    8 Month Photo Shoot
    It was so hard to find a good photo from our photo shoot this month - she is getting increasingly wiggly and it's hard to catch a still moment, so this was the best we could do. Not perfect, still cute though.

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