Fern’s First Halloween Costume

Fern's First Halloween Costume >> via Lauren Hartmann at Babble
Can you guess what she is? Keep reading to see our little photo shoot!

I am a total sucker for traditions and I can’t wait until Fern is old enough to actually understand them and appreciate them. Right now, at 9 months old, she obviously doesn’t understand what holidays are and traditions are totally lost on her. BUT does that mean that I’m not going to start them anyway? No way!

Regardless of whether or not Fern is an active participant, I’m still excited to introduce her to fun and festive activities and Halloween is one of those things. I’ve always loved any excuse for getting dressed up (fancy, silly or otherwise) and dressing up my baby is even more fun, which is why I’m ridiculously excited for dressing Fern up for Halloween. Her costume is already ready and waiting despite the fact that she is too little to appreciate trick or treating, we’ll be heading out with some friends anyway. And in the interest of not being part of the day-after-Halloween inundation of cute kid costume photos you’ll likely be bombarded with, I decided I wanted to show off Fern’s costume a little early so we had a little photo shoot. It’s pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

See Fern in her first halloween Costume after the jump!

My little pink and grey elephant!

  • Elephants on Parade 1 of 5
    Elephants on Parade
    The trunk on this thing slays me! I'm pretty sure she thought it was annoying though.
  • Check out that cute rump! 2 of 5
    Check out that cute rump!
    A tail! Is there anything cuter than a baby in a Halloween costume that has a tail?!
  • Questioning the Costume 3 of 5
    Questioning the Costume
    "Really Mom?"
  • “This is in my way!” 4 of 5
    "This is in my way!"
    The padded belly did make crawling a bit challenging, but she managed.
  • Ready for her close-up! 5 of 5
    Ready for her close-up!
    All set for her first Halloween!

I know it’s not the most original costume ever, but I love the little stripey tights and padded belly. And, on top of that her Grammy bought it for her so who could say no to that?

What will your little one(s) be dressing up as this Halloween?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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