Fern’s Top 20 Fashion Moments of 2012

Fern's Top 20 Fashion Moments of 2012It’s no secret that I love playing dress up with my little Fern — it’s definitely one of my favorite things about having a baby girl. I used to do my own OOTD (Outfit of the Day) blog posts pre-baby, but post baby, the fashion emphasis has shifted and Fern has taken center stage in the style department.┬áMaybe she’ll be a little fashion blogger one day?

Whatever the case, I thought I’d take a cue from all the grown-up fashion bloggers out there and do a round-up of Fern’s top fashion moments from 2012. It was hard to narrow them down!

  • Little Lebowski 1 of 20
    Little Lebowski
    Fern gets her fashion inspiration from all places and in this case, she was inspired by "The Dude"...The Big Lebowski. The similarities between their sweaters is uncanny.
  • American Apparel Style 2 of 20
    American Apparel Style
    Fern's first foray into pattern mixing: stripes on stripes on leopard print was cute enough to catch the eye of someone at American Apparel and she found herself on their website!
  • Not too little to accessorize 3 of 20
    Not too little to accessorize
    Baby clothing options can be limited, but a little boy's dress shirt is instantly transformed into a shirt dress with only a simple "belt" (AKA headband).
  • Sweet Striped Simplicity 4 of 20
    Sweet Striped Simplicity
    Sometimes keeping things simple is best, but even in the cutest outfit, sometimes baby fashionistas let the attention go to their head and throw a fit during picture time.
  • Boy’s Shoes 5 of 20
    Boy's Shoes
    Fern rocks boy's shoes like nobody's business.
  • Big Kid Shirt = Little Kid Dress 6 of 20
    Big Kid Shirt = Little Kid Dress
    Fern maximizes her wardrobe by wearing a 2T shirt as a dress.
  • Infinity Scarf + Boyfriend Jeans 7 of 20
    Infinity Scarf + Boyfriend Jeans
    Fern likes to wear shrunk down versions of mommy's clothes - including her mini infinity scarf and "boyfriend" jeans.
  • Mint 8 of 20
    Fern was an early adopter of the mint trend.
  • Channeling Beyonce 9 of 20
    Channeling Beyonce
    Sometimes her inner diva comes out when Fern is wearing her black unitard.
  • Layers on Layers 10 of 20
    Layers on Layers
    Fern loves a good layer and this outfit has lots. A dress tucked in as a shirt, belted shorts over tights, a cozy sweater and a slouchy hat.
  • Street Style 11 of 20
    Street Style
    This outfit was featured on Heart and Habit's mini street style feature!
  • Leg Warmers + Moccasins 12 of 20
    Leg Warmers + Moccasins
    This outfit utilizes Mama's socks, cut into little leg warmers, to help showcase the star of the show: her adorable little mocs!
  • Holiday Ensemble 13 of 20
    Holiday Ensemble
    This is probably one of my favorite Fern outfits. She likes the sparkly silver oxfords best.
  • Peter Pan + Gingham 14 of 20
    Peter Pan + Gingham
    This was Fern's Christmas outfit - simple and sweet. You can never go wrong with gingham and a Peter Pan collar.
  • Patterns 15 of 20
    Fern embraced some bold pattern mixing in preparation for her visit to see Santa. She made sure to include red so it was extra festive.
  • Francophile 16 of 20
    This little dress is actually a bigger kid's tunic a sweet friend brought Fern from France. It's paired with simple grey accents and antique baby shoes.
  • Pendleton Love 17 of 20
    Pendleton Love
    Pendleton has had some big "fashion moments" over the past few years and Fern wanted to be a part of it.
  • Future School Spirit 18 of 20
    Future School Spirit
    Even on game day a girl wants to look her best.
  • Hipster Chic 19 of 20
    Hipster Chic
    Channeling all the hipsters she's seen riding fixies to the coffee shops here in Portland, Fern dons her black-rimmed glasses.
  • Cozy Textures and Prints 20 of 20
    Cozy Textures and Prints
    This lovely ensemble is a favorite of ours by Fable Baby. Fern is particularly fond of the animal print on the pants.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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