Finally Gaining Confidence in Traveling Alone With Both Babies

Photo Credit: Maalivahti/Flickr
Photo Credit: Maalivahti/Flickr

My biggest challenge of having two babies in New York City is traveling around town.  The subway is impossible with a double stroller because even with two or three people it’s too dangerous to carry it up and down flights of stairs. The public buses require parents to take their children out of their stroller and completely fold them. You know, with that third and fourth arm you have.

Just the idea of holding two babies and balancing a folded double stroller between my knees gives me a headache. I’ve yet to see it done. At this point it’s probably good to remind some people that most of us in the city don’t own cars, so strike that off your list. Also it’s legal to have kids in taxi cabs without car seats (I didn’t write the law, please don’t yell at me). In fact, I’ve never seen someone in a taxi use a car seat with their baby, and it’s still an exhausting juggling act. So I’m back to the question of where to put the babies while I fold the stroller.

This weekend, everything clicked. I wore one baby (the one not walking yet) on my back in the Ergo and I attached my other, very mobile, baby (almost toddler) to a safety harness. I did a lot of hand-wringing over the “leash,” especially because my walking child is black and my non-walking child is white — but that’s a whole other transracial fostering/adoption post. So the Ergo, the safety harness … they worked. We walked down the street slowly but confidently. I held my daughter’s hand but I didn’t have to stress about her breaking away and running into traffic. Ultimately, all of our equipment brought us more freedom. I think we’re going to get outside a lot more this summer. I’m looking forward to it!

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