Finger Foods for Baby’s First Birthday

Fluffy Cheese Puffs 1 of 10
Light and airy, these bite-size balls are reminiscent of a cheesy popover, but with a subtle (that is, kid-friendly) zip.

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Pita Chips with Mexican Black Bean Dip 2 of 10
This versatile, healthy recipe works as either a dip or a spread and has a light, addictive flavor. Ole!

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Tiny Taco Tarts 3 of 10
A tiny taco almost as cute as the birthday boy or girl! Mini phyllo shells, ready-made and smartly ornamental, are the secret here.

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Sugar Snap Peas with Honey-Mustard Dip 4 of 10
The sweetness of sugar snap peas makes them a hit with many small children. When served with this simple dip, they are even more enticing.

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Bacon and Cheese Appetizer Cheese Bites 5 of 10
Start the party off with this can't-miss appetizer dish—made with bacon, cheddar cheese, and pancake mix, it's the perfect combination of ingredients!

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Mexican Cheese Fondue 6 of 10
Fond of fondue? A few spoonfuls of salsa stirred into the pot give this fondue a particularly flavorful zip. Another fun and delicious interactive dip for the bash.

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Deviled Egg Boats 7 of 10
These cleverly engineered eggs with a mustardy zip and colorful sails are sure to become an instant favorite with your birthday crew.

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Rosemary White Bean Dip 8 of 10
Little ones love the interactive pleasures of dipping, and this mild bean puree keeps the wholesome factor high.

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Veggie Pinwheels 9 of 10
These vegetable wraps are easy for little hands to hold and yummy enough to please those picky party guests.

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Spinach Dip in a Bread Bowl 10 of 10
What's a party without spinach dip? This one is served in an edible bread bowl. Kids will love tearing off chunks to dip!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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