10 Gifts To Commemorate His First Father's Day

I am a lover of firsts and I live for traditions and there’s just something about a first Father’s Day that seems extra special to me.  It’s only going to happen once, so I think it deserves to be marked.  My husband isn’t very sentimental (by which I mean he’s not sentimental at all), but I’d still like to do a little something for him.

I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do, but I thought I’d share my little list of brainstormed gift ideas with you in hopes that it will help you come up with a gift for the man in your life!

See my 10 gift ideas after the jump!

  • Photo comparison 1 of 10
    Photo comparison
    If your little one looks similar to his or her daddy, you could have photos printed and frame their similar looking baby photos side by side as a nod to his part in her genetic pool.
  • Think Green 2 of 10
    Think Green
    If you have a yard, consider planting a tree that father and child can grow and take care of together over the years. You could also carve their initials in an already existing tree, which I just might do myself on the very tree in this photo.
  • Hand Print Mug 3 of 10
    Hand Print Mug
    If your baby daddy regularly drinks from a mug like mine does, you could use ceramic paint or a ceramic pen to paint or draw baby's hand print on it that way every time he drinks his morning cup of coffee he'll be reminded of the love of his little one.
  • Video Montage 4 of 10
    Video Montage
    If you've been good about breaking out the camcorder regularly, you could put together a little edited video of moments of the two of them together.
  • Garden Stone 5 of 10
    Garden Stone
    You didn't think you could see a Father's Day gift list and avoid the cliche plaster hand print mold, now did you? Capture baby's hand print in the little stepping stone that you can place out in your garden - perfect if your man likes to spend time out there.
    Step Stone Kit ($19.76) from Amazon
  • Man bag 6 of 10
    Man bag
    For occasions like this, I'm big on gifts that will withstand the test of time and this classic bag would make a great gift for him to lug around all his dad gear during the baby stage, but it's still great to use in the years beyond as well.
    Bag ($249.00) from Wood & Faulk
  • Journal 7 of 10
    If your partner is the sentimental type you could get him a journal to write letters to your little one over the years. This would be a wonderful gift for him to give back to his child once he or she is grown.
    Journal ($98.00) from HarLex on Etsy
  • Magazine subscription 8 of 10
    Magazine subscription
    Sometimes it's just fun to get a gift that you wouldn't normally think to get yourself and a magazine subscription falls into that category. Even though my husband doesn't read magazines much he does love this one and a subscription would be a fun surprise.
    Subscription via G-Wagen Magazine
  • Dad hat 9 of 10
    Dad hat
    He's a dad now, so why not get him a "dad hat"? Something about hats like this just remind me of dads and I love them!
    Hat ($50.00) from Goorin Bros.
  • Watch 10 of 10
    A time piece makes a sweet gift for special occasions and firsts - a symbol of time being marked. I got my husband a pocket watch on our wedding day and his parents got us a beautiful wall clock when we bought our first home, so I think a wrist watch would be quite appropriate to mark the first Father's Day.
    Watch ($35.95) from Essential Apparel

What are you planning on getting the father of your children for Father’s Day?


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