Tate's First Halloween (+ Creative Costume)

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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Halloween is just not that important to me. I mostly participate because it’s important to my husband. But I am a sucker for babies in cuddly costumes, so this year I made a bit of an effort — or I intended to.

Steve and I talked about what we might dress Tate as for weeks, but we just couldn’t decide. I would have loved to have made his costume, but let’s be honest here, I can’t find the time to use my sewing machine to save my life — it never would have gotten done. Last weekend, we went on a last ditch shopping effort in hopes that we would find a costume that we liked, didn’t cost a fortune, and actually fit our baby boy. What a challenge!

The costumes that were marked as Tate’s size were cheap, ugly, and more money than we wanted to pay. Target was our last stop and I was about to give up. They had sold completely out of baby costumes. As I started to walk away from the seasonal aisle, I saw something I thought just might work. Click through to read about our unexpected source of Tate’s turtle costume.

  • Step 1 1 of 7
    Step 1
    Start with a baby. I prefer the blue-eyed, bald-headed, chubby-cheaked variety.
  • Step 2 2 of 7
    Step 2
    Put your baby in green footed pajamas. Or yellow. Or brown. Just pick a shade that says "turtle" to you.
  • Step 3 3 of 7
    Step 3
    Or try a green onesie. Depending on your climate and venue location this would work (like here in South Texas).
  • Step 4 4 of 7
    Step 4
    Buy a dog turtle costume like this one. That's right, we put Tate in a costume made for pups.
    Strap it on your baby, and he'll be good to go.

    Click here to buy from Target
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    Step 5
    Admire your smiling baby, because it will only last until they realize the have a turtle hat strapped to their head.
  • Step 6 6 of 7
    Step 6
    Attempt to get your baby to sit up in the costume even though they have a shell strapped to their back.
  • Step 7 7 of 7
    Step 7
    If all else fails, make it tummy time!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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