First Outings And Thoughts On The Future

first outingsWe’ve had beautiful weather in Portland this weekend.  Sunshine and highs in the 80s!  It’s hot and feels great.  I’d been feeling cooped up in the house all week and was dying for an adventure.  Friday, we took Wolf on a long walk to get out into the sunshine.

One of our stops on our walk was at the cute little ice cream store in our neighborhood.  I got my favorite – cherry almond chip and my husband got ginger cookie.  Then we sat in a park and watched little kids play in the fountain.  The fountain would swell up then the would kids run through the water and squeal with delight.  We giggled at the kids in the fountain and thought about our future with our little one.  It’s fun to think that one day he will want to be playing in that fountain, too!

I think about our future a lot.  However, sometimes I think I’m thinking about it too much.  I secretly wish for the day when Wolf is a little older and able to interact with us, but I know once that day comes, I’ll miss this tiny newborn phase.  He’s so small right now and terribly cute.  All the little faces he makes or uncontrollable hand movements make me melt.  And they say time goes by so fast.  It’s true!  I can’t believe he’s already 11 days old.  The way I see it, thinking about the future isn’t terrible but I suppose I need to cherish the now and live in the moment.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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