First Time V.S. Second Time Parents

I love a good ad campaign and I recently I discovered a great one when my friend sent me this video.  The video is for a Luvs diaper ad and shows a first time mom discreetly breastfeeding at a restaurant under a nursing cover and then breastfeeding with her entire breast bared at the same restaurant with her second kid. My how time (and children) can change us!

Even though I’ve only had one baby, nearly eight months in, I can already see how my parenting techniques are different now than they were when Fern was a newborn and I can’t help but laugh at some of my ridiculousness in hindsight.

Apparently Luvs tapped into these first time V.S. second time mom differences and made it into a hilarious ad campaign…see my favorite after the jump!


I have to admit that I still am a total rookie mom in this respect – I ALWAYS overpack! But, I think that’s just my personality.

Check out the rest of the ad campaign videos here!


Any of you second time mamas notice any parenting differences between your first time and your second time?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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