30 First World Baby Problems

First World Baby Problems #FWBP
First World Baby Problems #FWBP

After having a baby, there are so many things that can go wrong. Not just with the baby, but the things associated with baby. You know, those First World Baby Problems #FWBP

Here’s a little dose of reality.


It’s amazing to look at how spoiled we really are and how much we take this for granted. Our complaints when compared to the third world are just so mondane and SO first world.  Don’t believe me? Check these out:

30 First World Baby Problems:

  • Double Stroller Hell 1 of 30
    Double Stroller Hell
    Double stroller takes up too much room in our SUV. #FWBP
  • Wipe Warmer Refilling 2 of 30
    Wipe Warmer Refilling
    Wipe warmer needs to be refilled with water twice a week. #FWBP
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  • Stinky Diaper Pail 3 of 30
    Stinky Diaper Pail
    The diaper pail smells. #FWBP
  • Messy High Chair 4 of 30
    Messy High Chair
    Why can't the baby's high chair stay clean? #FWBP
  • Baby Socks Suck 5 of 30
    Baby Socks Suck
    Baby's socks always fall off! #FWBP
  • Netflix Not Working 6 of 30
    Netflix Not Working
    Can't get Netflix to work so baby can watch Yo Gabba Gabba. #FWBP
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  • Baby Ear Thermometer Woahs 7 of 30
    Baby Ear Thermometer Woahs
    Where did I put that ear thermometer? I can't stand using a traditional! #FWBP
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  • Baby Car Seat Problems 8 of 30
    Baby Car Seat Problems
    The baby's car seat takes up half of the back seat. #FWBP
  • I’m Suppose To Wrap What, Wear? 9 of 30
    I'm Suppose To Wrap What, Wear?
    Help, I can't figure out how to wear my Moby wrap! #FWBP
  • Induce Me Already 10 of 30
    Induce Me Already
    I was so tired of being pregnant, I had to induce. #FWBP
  • Baby Food Choices – Oh My! 11 of 30
    Baby Food Choices - Oh My!
    What to choose for baby food? #FWBP
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  • Matching Holiday Outfits 12 of 30
    Matching Holiday Outfits
    Trying to find a holiday outfit for baby that matches the rest of the family is going to be the death of me. #FWBP
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  • Baby Gate Costs 13 of 30
    Baby Gate Costs
    I had to spend $250 on baby gates to keep my baby from climbing up and down the stairs. #FWBP
  • Blow Out 14 of 30
    Blow Out
    Baby had a blow out all ruining the new outfit I bought him from Gymboree. #FWBP
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  • Flight Delay 15 of 30
    Flight Delay
    Our flight to Hawaii was delayed and now baby is unhappy. #FWBP
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  • Pedicure Please 16 of 30
    Pedicure Please
    I so need a pedicure, but the smell is to overwhelming for me to bring my baby into the nail salon. #FWBP
  • My Coach Diaper Bag 17 of 30
    My Coach Diaper Bag
    The baby bottle leaked all over my new Coach diaper bag. #FWBP
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  • Batteries Needed 18 of 30
    Batteries Needed
    The batteries are out on my automated baby booger picker. Now how am I suppose to clean his nose? #FWBP
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  • Scuff Marks! 19 of 30
    Scuff Marks!
    The baby's carseat left a scuff on my new leather captain seats! #FWBP
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  • iPhone Chewer 20 of 30
    iPhone Chewer
    My iPhone cover is now chewed to pieces due to a teething baby. #FWBP
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  • Newborn Photography 21 of 30
    Newborn Photography
    The photographer I wanted for my baby's newborn photography shoot is booked! #FWBP
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  • Webcam Doesn’t Work 22 of 30
    Webcam Doesn't Work
    The web cam at my baby's daycare isn't working. #FWBP
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  • Sell Out 23 of 30
    Sell Out
    The bedding set I wanted for baby is sold out at Pottery Barn Kids. Now what am I suppose to do? #FWBP
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  • Etsy 24 of 30
    The cute handmade baby toys made by someone else I ordered from Etsy 3 weeks ago, have still NOT arrived! #FWBP
    Image Source: Etsy
  • Waking Up Baby 25 of 30
    Waking Up Baby
    I have to wake the baby up since the house cleaners are coming today. #FWBP
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  • No Coldplay For Me 26 of 30
    No Coldplay For Me
    Our baby sitter can't watch the baby tonight so we missed the Coldplay concert. #FWBP
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  • First Birthday Party Costs 27 of 30
    First Birthday Party Costs
    Planning our baby's first birthday party. This party will cost as much as my first car. #FWBP
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  • Out to Eat with Baby 28 of 30
    Out to Eat with Baby
    Everytime we go out to eat, the baby screams and makes a huge mess. #FWBP
  • Closing a Stroller 29 of 30
    Closing a Stroller
    I can't figure out how to close my stroller! #FWBP
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  • Binky Buying 30 of 30
    Binky Buying
    After buying 10 different binkies, we finally found one the baby likes. #FWBP
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I’m as guilty as the rest of the moms who complain when it comes to first world baby problems.  So no judgement here. It’s just funny, when you step back and look at the big perspective. Most of our issues are so tiny, yet we let them be so big.

Speaking of the third world, I wouldn’t feel right now mentioning how we who can afford excess can help those in need, especially little people! 2 of my favorite organizations that are making a change are World Vision and Compassion International. Sponsoring a child or donating will cost less a month then that custom Etsy shirt you just bought for your baby. Sure your baby may not look that cute 1 day out of his life – but another 20 babies will live an extra day because of your help.

What First World Baby Problems Have You Experienced?  Tweet with #FWBP

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