Firsts, Hates and Learning – Beach Edition

Sunday was a day full of firsts for this little baby. Sunday was the first time she got in the swimming pool without screaming about how much she hated it (let’s just say the night before wasn’t so successful as far as introducing the baby to the pool.) She went back and forth between Cody and me and only screamed in terror when Addie popped up behind Cody’s shoulder with her bright pink goggles on. Lesson learned on that one.

As it came closer to naptime she was torn between wanting to stay in the water and wanting to be wrapped up in a giant towel. In the end the towel won out and Vivi took her first post swim nap, and boy it was a good one. Later in the afternoon we decided to take her out onto the beach, up until now she’s only been worn on the beach and wasn’t horribly impressed either time, surely things would be different now that she was fully fed, napped and the sun was shining!

Nope. Wrong, we were totally wrong.

nope. not touching it. no way.

Cody tried no less than four times to get her to put her feet in the sand, she wasn’t having any of it.

She spent the rest of the afternoon comfortably strapped to Cody in the Ergo as he walked her around looking at birds and standing out in the waves.

Vivi’s nickname has been nature baby since she was only a few weeks old, there was nothing she loved more than looking up into tree leaves and being one with nature, turns out her nature baby status ends at the beach unless there are birds to watch. We’ll see if she changes her tune by the end of the week, but after the lengths she went to avoid the sand today? I’m not holding my breath.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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