Flight From Hell

Well, I’m famous … Not in the way I would want to be. For being a songwriter, musician, award winning singer. NOPE! I’m famous for having “THAT KID ON A PLANE.”

I travel for a living. We take buses mostly. But, due to crappy routing, planes are a frequent use of travel this year.  The last flight we took home from Salt Lake City was an absolute nightmare.  Our 3-year-old was doing fine watching baby Einstein while our six-month-old did OK for the first 45 minute, and the ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

He started crying and would not stop. We tried everything. Giving him a bottle, walking him up and down the isle (meanwhile waking everyone up on the plane). We tried standing him up, burping him, lying him down on his back, on his stomach.  NOTHING soothed him. I started to feel the frustration of those around me. I began to sweat profusely. I hate inconveniencing others on a plane. It’s just rude. I wanted to say “Do you think that I LIKE this?” I don’t want to hear the baby cry either. I was hoping to catch a nap after a long hard two week run out west. But, the baby had other plans.

When we finally got off the plane, I was mortified. We were in the jetway waiting for the stroller to be brought out from the plane.  There I stood with my head down from exhaustion and embarressment. It seemed like EVERYONE deboarding had words of advice. “Get his ears checked” one lady said. “You should try giving him a bottle,” another suggested. There was one very kind woman that put her hand on my shoulder and said “I’ve been there.” Thank you lady for the kind words. Soaked with sweat, my hair an absolute mess (from pulling it out 😉  ) I was beat. We got the stroller and headed to baggage claim. There, even more people felt I needed advice.

I tried everything. Truly, I did. This sweet child, right here

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Betrayed us… 😉   want to check out our flight ?  I warn you, as a parent, this may make you uncomfortable.  It wore us out.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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