Flying With a Colicky 6-Week-Old — How It Went

We first had the shocking experience on the flight going — so I wanted to just update everyone on how things went coming home. The baby? That one that has been colicky since birth? She was 6 weeks traveling TO our destination, 7 weeks traveling FROM.

The flight home was even BETTER. She literally fell asleep right before takeoff on the long flight, and slept the whole 4 hours. Even while I was catching her brothers puke in my free hand.*  The second flight home was a quickie (just 30 minutes) and she was awake but content for the most part.

She turns 8 weeks old tomorrow and I’m back home and wondering what was reset or jump-started on that first flight to give me a (knock on wood) colic-free baby? Is it just her age — she’s reached the point where colic starts getting better? Or is it something else?

It’s not that she is low maintenance now, but those colic episodes of just SOBBING for hours on end are no more. Amen.

When did your colicky baby start to get better?

*Yes, I caught puke. The barf-on-landing started in a barf bag, but once it was discovered that said bag had a hole at the bottom, I simply did what any mother would do and grabbed the bottom of the bag. It stopped up the hole (with my hand) and allowed my 7-year-old to continue tossing his cookies into the bag. The baby slept in my arms through the whole debacle.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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