Flying With Fuzz: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly…

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Fuzz, The Traveling Baby

Last night, we arrived in New York City at an unorthodox hour for adults, let alone babies and sub-three year olds. Even still, for the most part, the flight itself went swimmingly. We’re super happy to be here with our family despite the hot humid weather. Fuzz traveled well, and I’m really glad I was prepared. Here’s a rundown of the good parts, the bad parts, and the downright ugly parts…

Good (actually, amazing and awesome) = By some mileage miracle we ended up in Business Class. And not crappy Business Class. REAL, super-reclining seats with foot rests, and service! Made-to-order ice cream sundaes!

Bad = I still had a baby on me for most of the flight.

Good = The cool DVD players in business class.

Bad = Fuzz really liked this DVD player as well, especially the wires that plugged into it.

Good =The (disgusting) ring pop Shnook chose as his airplane treat (really, it was for his ears) that kept him COMPLETELY occupied for almost an hour.

Bad = Using this treat again on descent…at midnight.

Good = The two point five hour nap Shnook took immediately following his ring pop high.

Bad =The fact that Fuzzball only slept for about an hour of the whole flight.

Good = Everyone around us was really nice.

Bad = Fuzz drove me insane with his breastfeeding habits including pulling off a mole on my chest. OUCH.

Good = Our kids were extremely well-behaved.

Bad = We landed at 12:15, and it took us like 30 minutes to get out of the plane (The nice flight attendants were getting a tiny bit less nice).

Good = Because it took us so long, we didn’t have to wait for our bags at all!!

Ugly = Upon arriving at our destination, we had two overtired children who did NOT want to go to bed. Seriously, it was 2:39 the last time I looked at the clock and Fuzz was sitting up and playing. SERIOUSLY. I thought I was going stab myself in the eye. Eventually, he did go to sleep, and he woke up pretty late, but still lost a lot of sleep for him. Luckily we got him in bed at a decent hour tonight.

We picked the late flight for a combination of reasons, one worked-related for my husband, but after this experience, I think we’ll try our best to avoid getting in to the east coast so late. At least until they get older!!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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